Difference Between Dozer and Excavator

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In this article, we will discuss the difference between dozer and excavator.


  1. Dozer  

A dozer is a motorized machine that contains a broad horizontal metal blade or ripper at the front side for pushing material like sand, soil, snow, etc.


Dozer is commonly used in construction sites, mining sites, etc.

Some uses of dozer are: 

a. Shallow digging and ditching

b. Spreading and leveling of the soil dumped by the trucks

c. Short-distance transportation of materials

d. Rough Grading

e. Removing vegetations,  stumps, boulders, etc.

Commonly used types of dozer are mention below;

i. Crawler bulldozer

ii. Wheel bulldozer

iii. Mini bulldozer


  2. Excavator  

Excavator is a heavy-duty machine that consists of a boom, dipper, bucket, and cab on rotating platforms known as a house.

Difference between Dozer and Excavator

Excavator is also known as a digger.

Some uses of an excavator are:

a.  Digging of holes, trenches, and foundations

b. Material handling

c. Mining

d. Demolition of small structures, etc.

Several types of excavators are: 

a. Backhoe Excavator

b. Dragline Excavator

c. Wheeled Excavator, etc


  3. Difference between Dozer and Excavator  

The difference between dozer and excavator is given below;


   S.N        Excavator              Dozer  
Difference between Dozer and Excavatordozer
1They are larger and heavier.Comparatively, they are smaller and lighter.
2They can be used in plain as well as hilly areas.They can be used only in plain areas.
3Can be used for loading materials in trucks, tractors, etc.Cannot be used for loading materials in trucks, tractors, etc.
4Mostly, an excavator is used for excavating the soil, digging holes, materials handling, demolishing small structures, etc.Mostly, a dozer is used for leveling the surface, clearing the site, etc.


  4. Conclusion  

For the purposes like the excavation of soil, digging of holes and trenches, handling of materials, etc; an excavator is the best option.

For the purposes like clearing snow on roads, leveling road surfaces, etc; a dozer is the best option.


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