Checklist for Masonry Wall Construction

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In this article, we will discuss checklist for masonry wall construction.

Masonry walls are the long-lasting element of any building or structure. Mortar is a mix of materials with sand. Materials can be concrete, lime, soil, or any other constructing materials.

Stone masonry is the art of building stone units bonded together with mortar.

✔ Stone masonry is used in building foundations, retaining walls, arches, floors, walls & columns.

✔ Mostly, natural rocks are used in stone masonry. Natural rocks are cut and dressed into proper shape before use.

✔ Stone masonry is very strong & durable. The strength mainly depends upon the types of stones or the mortar used.


Checklist for Masonry Wall Construction



  1. Checklist for Masonry Wall Construction  

The masonry checklist includes the following conditions:

a. Note and edit the availability of the materials available and yet to arrive.

b. Preparation of the territory for the preparation of the concrete or the material. This will apply to cleaning the work zone.

c. Proper and suitable bundling of the bricks. This will check inappropriate placement and spoiling of brick materials.

d. Quality of bricks and sand materials are noted once the test is completed.

e. Review for over-burnt clays or under-burnt clays.

f. Wetting of the bricks.

g. In the case of clay bricks, they have to absorb before the work began.

h. The plumb level is checked.

i. Part of the salt content in the silt is checked.

j. Dead mortars are groomed for new work and checked.

k. Racking and curing are checked – all vertical joints and horizontal joints have to be appropriately aligned.

l. Any chances of expansion or transformation are studied.

m. Appropriate and proper checking for pointing, plastering, and finishing details.

n. Erection of frames – Alignment and position of the door is narrowed.

o. Checking the outline of each room – compared with the plan, checking the diagonal, the position of the windows, and the openings.

p. Based on the diagonals and the dimension of the room, the first layer of the bricks is laid.

q. Joint must be checked for uniformity and thickness not greater than 10 to 12mm is maintained.

r. Mortar Mix

s. Water for mixing-storage of materials

t. Specified Mortar type

u. Check the mortar preparation and mix consistency.

v. Mortar Mixing and Mortar Ration in Masonry Wall Construction.

w. Application of Mortar- Proper packing of the joints.

x. Filling the cavities and grouted cells.

y. The joints in masonry must be adequately cleared.

z. The brickwork height was completed on a day (1.5m).

A. Curing Details –Checked

B. After the construction, the top of the wall is protected with a wet jute bag after the end of every work

C. The curing has to be accomplished for 7 to 10 days.


Hope you got a idea of checklist for masonry wall construction.



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