Burj Binghatti: 13 Construction and Technical detail, Several Features, Challenges & Impacts

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1. What is Burj Binghatti?

Burj Binghatti

Burj Binghatti is a new skyscraper that Binghatti Developers developed. Burj Binghatti is set to rise in Business Bay, Dubai.

The tower will be hyper-tall, standing at 500 meters (1,640 ft) and boasting 112 floors. Its crown, amazingly shaped like a diamond and invented by Jacob & Co., is a splashy feature that tempts stimulation from a Jacob & Co. watch.

The structure is expected to be completed by 2025, and it will comprise 74 floors of apartments, 28 floors of penthouses, and ten floors of commercial space.

The tower will deliver residents and visitors innumerable amenities, including a rooftop infinity pool, spa, fitness center, and children’s play area.

While some backbiters argue that the project is disproportionate, others consider that it has the prospect of glorifying the economy of Dubai.



2. Construction and Technical Detail:

Burj Binghatti

Property DetailInformation
AddressBusiness Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
DeveloperBinghatti Developers
Construction started date2022
Expected Completion date2025
Height500 meters (1,640 ft)
Total Floors112
Units74 floors-apartments, 28 floors-penthouses, and ten floors-commercial space
AmenitiesRooftop infinity pool, spa, fitness center, children’s play area
StructureHigh-strength reinforced concrete
Exterior MaterialThe sleek, modern cladding material
Crown DesignDiamond-shaped
FoundationA deep foundation consisting of over 200 piles drilled into the ground
CladdingReflective material designed to sparkle in the sunlight



3. Architectural Details:

Burj Binghatti

The beauty of high jewelry and ultra-luxury living inspires the architectural details of Burj Binghatti.

The building brags a crown shaped like a diamond, reminiscent of Jacob & Co.’s well-known baguette-cut diamonds.

Its exterior is adorned with a nostalgic material that glimmers in the sunlight. Upon entry, the lobby welcomes one with a magnificent marble and glass staircase.

High awnings and large floor-to-ceiling windows complement the immense and luxurious flats. Further, the building delivers a rooftop infinity pool, a spa, a fitness center, and a play area for children.

Some of the key architectural features of Burj Binghatti include:

Diamond-shaped crown

Reflective exterior

Grand staircase

Spacious and luxurious apartments

State-of-the-art amenities


4. Pricing and Availability

Pricing: Costly, based on parallel projects in Dubai.

Availability: Anticipated to be terminated closer to the culmination date of 2025.



5. Environmental and Sustainability Features:

Burj Binghatti

Energy EfficiencyUtilizes energy-efficient technologies, including HVAC, insulation, and low-emissivity glass systems.
Water ConservationIncorporates water-efficient fixtures and appliances. It Collects and reuses rainwater for irrigation purposes.
Material SelectionUses reclaimed concrete and steel in construction to reduce environmental impact.
Indoor Environmental QualityProvides a healthy and habitable indoor environment with good ventilation, air filtration, and natural lighting.
Green SpaceIt is surrounded by green space, contributing to improved air quality and reduced urban heat island effect.



6. Benefits of Environmental and Sustainability Features for Burj Binghatti:

Reduced Operating CostsEnergy-efficient technologies and water-efficient fixtures reduce operating expenses.
Improved Health and Well-beingA comfortable and healthy indoor environment enhances the well-being of occupants.
Reduced Environmental ImpactSustainable materials and green spaces help minimize the building’s environmental footprint.
Enhanced ReputationLEED certification reflects the developer’s commitment to environmental sustainability, enhancing the building’s reputation.



7. Comparison with Other Landmarks:

LandmarkHeight (meters)FloorsLocationCompletion Date
Burj Khalifa828163Dubai, UAE2010
Jeddah Tower1,008167Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaUnder Construction
Burj Binghatti500112Dubai, UAEExpected 2025
Empire State Building381102New York City, USA1931
Eiffel Tower3243Paris, France1889


8. Interactive Features:

Smart home technology

Virtual concierge

Interactive signage

Smart parking system

Community app



9. Design and construction of Burj Binghatti’s diamond-shaped crown

Burj Binghatti

The Burj Binghatti‘s diamond-shaped crown is a unique and convoluted aspect of the project.

Jacob & Co., a luxury watch and jewelry company, used various materials, i.e., glass, steel, and aluminum, in creating the crown beautifully. When it gets dark, the crown radiates, begetting a sensational sight.

Some quite innovative techniques, like 3D printing, are used to build the crown.

The crown will be one of the most recognizable features of the Dubai skyline, affirming the city’s prosperity and ambition.



10. Challenges in the design and construction of the diamond-shaped crown

The complexity of the design

The heavy weight of the crown

The wind resistance of the crown

To ensure safe and reliable lighting of the crown



11. What are some developments of Burj Binghatti’s state-of-the-art amenities?

Rooftop infinity pool

Spa and wellness center

Fitness center

Children’s play area

Resident lounge

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12. What is the impact of Burj Binghatti on the Dubai skyline?

Burj Binghatti

The Burj Binghatti, with its diamond-shaped crown, is suspended to become an elevated residential spectacle on the Dubai skyline.

It will be one of the most towering residential buildings globally and a distinctive, iconic landmark.

The Burj Binghatti is predicted to tempt tourists and become a recognized landmark in Dubai, vamoosing a visual and economic impact.

Its unique design and towering height will set it apart from other impressive structures on the skyline, drawing in new residents and businesses, thus maintaining the city’s economy.

Some of the specific ways in which Burj Binghatti is expected to impact the Dubai skyline:

Increased visibility

Unique design

New landmark

Economic boost



13. What may arise as the potential environmental impact of Burj Binghatti, and how is it being mitigated?

Burj Binghatti

The Burj Binghatti will be the tallest residential building in the world.

It is currently under construction in Business Bay, Dubai, and is highly expected to have an impressive height of 500 meters (1,640 ft) with 112 stories.

The dwellers at Binghatti Developers and Jacob & Co are making it difficult to make it a reality.

However, there are troubles about the environmental impact of such a vast building.

The good news is that the developers are familiar with this and are trying to minimize its impact.

Some of the examples include:

Using sustainable materials

Using energy-efficient technologies

Using water-efficient fixtures and appliancesCreating green space



14. What is Burj Binghatti’s future, and how is it expected to change how people live and work in Dubai?

Burj Binghatti

The Future Construction of Burj Binghatti is expected to considerably sweeten the lifestyle of those living and working in Dubai.

Burj Binghatti is expected to significantly and positively impact how people live and work in Dubai.

This magnificent structure will offer residents a luxurious and convenient lifestyle and is expected to become a significant tourist attraction.

Inhabitants of the building will enjoy critical to luxurious amenities and services, which will count to their comfort and comfort.

Moreover, the skyscraper is suspended to become a significant tourist attraction, enticing visitors from all over the world.

Some of how Burj Binghatti is expected to alter the way people live and work in Dubai:

Luxury living





Some additional ways in which Burj Binghatti is expected to alter the way people live and work in Dubai:

New businesses and jobs

Increased social and cultural interaction

 ✔ Enhanced global reputation

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