Wooden Window Price In India 2024

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Get instant Wooden Window Price in India! Seek the Comprehensive price list of wooden windows in India. Compare your affordability to select and model your space with timeless beauty and durability.



1. Wooden Window Price In India

Wooden Window Price In India
Wooden Window Price In India

The standard price for a wooden window in India ranges from Rs 280 / sq ft to Rs 500 / sq ft. The cost of the Window varies based on design, types of wood used, and thickness.

Windows cheaper than Rs 280 / sq ft are also found in the market but are not pure wood.

Windows prepared with wood with lower strength are cheaper and cost around Rs 280 / sq ft, and if the best quality woods like sal are used, they may cost around Rs 350 per sq ft of the Window.

Best on designs carved, thickness, and many more, the price of the Window may fluctuate.

Wooden Window ( 4′ * 5′ ) Rs 5600 – Rs 7000
Wooden Window ( 5′ * 5′ ) Rs 7000 – Rs 8750
Wooden Window Price / sq ft Rs 280 to Rs 500 per sq feet
Cheapest Wooden Windows Cost Rs 280 per sq feet



What are wooden windows generally called?

Wooden Window Price In India
Wooden Window Price In India

Wood frame windows with portable straps were typically employed during the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods.

The type of windows is considered single or double-hung sash windows, depending on whether one or both sashes can drive.

The windows have been a famous choice for their traditional and graceful formation and their proficiency in delivering exceptional ventilation and naturalistic light to the internal areas.



What are the benefits of wooden windows?

Wooden windows are one of the best versatile choices for anybody. Installing wooden windows in your space can deliver many benefits and advantages. Some of them are:

Wooden Window Price In India
Wooden Window Price In India

I. Durability: Wood or timber has a very low expansion coefficient compared to other construction materials used for doors or windows. Wood is highly immune to thermal fluctuation to expansion due to climatic changes. Therefore, wooden windows possess high durability.

II. Insulation: Wood is one of the worst conductors of heat and electricity; therefore, wooden windows or doors are highly favorable for insulating your home or any other official site. It is also very versatile for noise insulation.

III. Aesthetic Vision: Wooden windows add the best unique aesthetic appeal, standard, and luxury to your space. It is the perfect customizable option in the construction industry. It can be more beautiful with paint, different finishes, textures, and tones.

IV. Eco-Friendly: The willingness to model ecologically sustainable houses is one of the top priorities for anybody. Therefore, if you are eco-conscious, pick a wooden window because of its 100% biodegradability.

V. Security: Wooden windows are heavy, solid, robust, and strong. It can’t break out easily. Therefore, it can give you the best security.


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