Wood Frame Calculation

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  1. Wood Frame Calculation  

Wood frame construction is the principal strategy of building homes and apartments increasingly, wood framing is also being employed in commercial and industrial buildings Compute the wood log needed in both cubic feet and cubic meters.

With this calculator, you can precisely understand how much wood is needed to make door and window frames. Wood is versatile and can be employed in a broad variety of forms.

Being light, it is very effortless to establish and can be performed with simple equipment. This decreases the energy required for the construction of various species of trees to produce wood of varying colors, textures, and functional qualities.

We choose a wood frame calculation method to employ to locate the area. In this case, we are working with length, breadth, and thickness.


Wood Frame Calculation

Volume of Wood Frame = Length × Depth × Thickness



ft3 is the total volume (Cubic Feet)

m3 is the total volume (Cubic Meter).





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