21 Uses of Stones

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In this article, we will discuss 21 uses of stones.

The stones are derived from rock and rocks are from the earth’s crust. It has no definite shape and chemical composition but are mixtures of two or more minerals.

Stones are used as an aggregate in construction, as a decorating material to decorate buildings( like marble, and slate), and for many more purposes.

The stones that are used for the construction of buildings, walls, or any structure are known as building stones. Slate, marble, limestones, etc are generally used as building stones.

Field Stone Wall | uses of stones


  Uses of Stones  

Stone can be used for the following purposes:

1. Construction of residential and public buildings.

2. Construction of walls, columns, dams, abutments, and bridges.

3. For architectural and ornamental requirements on the structure.

4. Used for road construction and railways.

5. Used as aggregate for concrete

6. Used in the form of facing for decoration.

7. Used for roofing purposes. Generally, slate is used because it is weather-resistive and durable.

8. Used in gabion walls and retaining walls to control landslides and floods respectively.

9. Used in the pavement for making sub-base and base course.

10) Used in the preparation of cement, sand, etc.

11. Used in stone arts, making statues, etc.

12. Used in the manufacturing of metals like iron.

13. Used as an alternative to sand, if there is no availability of sand.

14. They are also used as DPC( Damp Proof Course)

15. Some stones are used as ornaments.

16. Used for making or constructing fireproof structures.

17. Some stones are used as medicines in Ayurveda.

18. Used in research fields. ( To study the inner structure of the earth)

19. Used as weapons in the old days.

20. Generally, rocks like sedimentary rocks are used for studying fossils, their existence, and nature.

21. Stone called dolomite is used in glass industries for the production of glasses. Silica stone is used in industries to produce quartzite, novaculite, and other microcrystalline.


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