top civil engineering universities

Top Civil Engineering Universities


There are thousands of Universities around the world. Different Universities are ranked top for different sectors. Among them, top civil engineering universities in 2019/2020 are explained below.
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10. University of Tokyo

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Location: Japan

Global Rank: 23

Total Students : 27,407

Academic Faculty Staff: 4,522

Asia Rank: 11

Japan Rank: 1

Status: Public


9. The University of HongKong

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Location: Hongkong

Total students : 20,203

Academic Faculty Staff: 3,013

Global Rank: 25

Asia Rank: 2

Graduate Employability Rank: 13

Status: Public


8. Stanford University

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Location: United States

Global Ranking: 2

Graduate Employment Ranking: 2

Average Fees: 46 k – 48 k USD

Status: Private


7. Tsinghua University

Location: China

Global Ranking: 17

Total Students : 36,403

Academic Faculty Staff: 5,716

Status: Public


6. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Location: USA

Global Rank: 27

Graduate Employability Rank: 8

Total Students : 40,056

Average Fee: 14k-16k USD

Status: Public


5. University of Cambridge

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Location: United Kingdom

Global Rank: 6

Graduate Employability Rank: 7

Number of Students: 19,203

Academic Faculty Staff: 5,601

Status: Public


4. Imperial College London

Location: United Kingdom

Global Rank: 8

Total Students : 16,797

Graduate Employability Rank: 33

Average Fee: 12k-14k USD

Status: Public


3. National University of Singapore (NUS)

Location: Singapore

Global Rank: 11

Asian Rank:1

Graduate Employability Rank: 33

Total Students : 30,226

Academic Faculty Staff: 4,766

Status: Public


2. Delft University of Technology

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Location: Netherlands

Global Rank: 52

Graduate Employability Rank: 52

Total Students : 17,703

Average Fees: 2k-4k USD

Status: Public


1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Location: USA

Global Rank: 1

Graduate Employability Rank: 1

Total Students : 11,145

Average Fees: 48k – 50 k USD

Status: Private


Gaining practical knowledge is 99% dependent on us rather than on universities.  So, we prefer you to choose the university has high employability and low fee structure. This will provide you with maximum benefit.