Top Civil Engineering Universities

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There are thousands of Universities around the world. Different Universities are ranked top for different sectors. Among them, top civil engineering universities in 2019/2020 are explained below.
” Degree without Humanity is Total waste”




10. University of Tokyo

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Location: Japan

Global Rank: 23

Total Students : 27,407

Academic Faculty Staff: 4,522

Asia Rank: 11

Japan Rank: 1

Status: Public


9. The University of HongKong

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Location: Hongkong

Total students : 20,203

Academic Faculty Staff: 3,013

Global Rank: 25

Asia Rank: 2

Graduate Employability Rank: 13

Status: Public


8. Stanford University

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Location: United States

Global Ranking: 2

Graduate Employment Ranking: 2

Average Fees: 46 k – 48 k USD

Status: Private


7. Tsinghua University

Location: China

Global Ranking: 17

Total Students : 36,403

Academic Faculty Staff: 5,716

Status: Public


6. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Location: USA

Global Rank: 27

Graduate Employability Rank: 8

Total Students : 40,056

Average Fee: 14k-16k USD

Status: Public


5. University of Cambridge

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Location: United Kingdom

Global Rank: 6

Graduate Employability Rank: 7

Number of Students: 19,203

Academic Faculty Staff: 5,601

Status: Public


4. Imperial College London

Location: United Kingdom

Global Rank: 8

Total Students : 16,797

Graduate Employability Rank: 33

Average Fee: 12k-14k USD

Status: Public


3. National University of Singapore (NUS)

Location: Singapore

Global Rank: 11

Asian Rank:1

Graduate Employability Rank: 33

Total Students : 30,226

Academic Faculty Staff: 4,766

Status: Public


2. Delft University of Technology

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Location: Netherlands

Global Rank: 52

Graduate Employability Rank: 52

Total Students : 17,703

Average Fees: 2k-4k USD

Status: Public


1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Location: USA

Global Rank: 1

Graduate Employability Rank: 1

Total Students : 11,145

Average Fees: 48k – 50 k USD

Status: Private


Gaining practical knowledge is 99% dependent on us rather than on universities.  So, we prefer you to choose the university has high employability and low fee structure. This will provide you with maximum benefit.




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