25 Tiny Home Design Ideas : Approximate Cost of Tiny Homes

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We will discuss tiny homes and show you 25 tiny home design ideas and also discuss the approximate cost of tiny homes.


Tiny Homes are movable or non-movable homes constructed in a small area ( generally 80 to 400 sq. ft ) and consist of almost all essential parts ( like toilet, kitchenbedroom) required in an ideal home. 

✔ Tiny homes may be movable or non-movable. The area of these homes may vary between 80 to 400 sq. ft.

✔ Movable tiny home can be taken from one place to another by attaching it to the vehicle.

✔ On average, a tiny home costs around 150$ per sq. foot.



  A. 25 Tiny Home Design Ideas  


Design: 1

tiny homes


Design: 2

Tiny Home Design Ideas

Source: country living magazine


Design: 3

dream civil

Source: Blog To


Design: 4

Tiny Home Design Ideas

Source: Acorn Tiny Homes


Design: 5

tiny home

Source: Apartment Therapy


Design: 6


Source: Lonny


Design: 7

tiny home builder

Source: Tiny Home Builders


Design: 8


Source: The Collist


Design: 9


Source: House Beautiful


Design: 10

tiny homes design

Source: Tiny House Show


Design: 11

tiny designs

Source: Travel + Leisure


Design: 12

tiny homes

Source: Homedit


Design: 13

tiny living

Source: Tinyliving


Design: 14


Source: Curved


Design: 15

tiny homes

Source: Trendir


Design: 16

tiny home

Source: Homecrux


Design: 17tiny homes

Source: Tiny Living


Design: 18

Source: Rocky mountain tiny houses


Design: 19

small homes

Source: Tiny Heirloom


Design: 20

tiny house town

Source: Tiny House Town


Design: 21

tiny small homes

Source: Tiny house design


Design: 22

beautiful house

Source: House Beautiful


Design: 23

den garden

Source: Den garden


Design: 24

dream civil

Source: Builder Magazine


Design: 25


Source: Brain bridge



  B. Approximate Price of Tiny Homes  

Admiring the materials used, the price of the tiny homes seems to be low. It all depends upon the quality of materials used to build. The reasonable average price ranges from 30000$-60000$, and it can go up to 150000$ depending upon your expenses.

✔ The tiny house builders’ reported that tiny rectangular homes are the most cost-efficient and cheapest.

✔ On average, a tiny home costs around 150$ per sq. foot.

✔ Here is the descriptive table:

AreaApproximate cost
100  square feet15000$
225 square feet( average,for sale)33750$
400 square feet ( Maximum )60000$


✔ The internal utilities used in the tiny home can easily lead up the tiny house price to 100000$. The utilities are a dishwasher, oven, AC, washing machine, dryer, television, electrical equipment, lighting, fridge, decoration flowers and pots, carpets and bed sheets, couch, etc, and many other utilities.

✔ It is funny, but the price of utilities in a tiny house equals the cost of the house itself.



  C. References  


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