Square Meter to Square Yard Conversion

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  1. Square Meter to Square Yard  

Here is the quick conversion of the square meter to square yard as follows:

 1 Square Meter = 1.195991 Square Yard


Square MeterSquare Yard
1 sq. meter1.19598993 sq yard
2 sq. meter2.39197986 sq yard
3 sq. meter3.58796979 sq yard
4 sq. meter4.78395972 sq yard
5 sq. meter5.97994965 sq yard
6 sq. meter7.17593958 sq yard
7 sq. meter8.37192951 sq yard
8 sq. meter9.56791944 sq yard
9 sq. meter10.76390937 sq yard
10 sq. meter11.9598993 sq yard
11 sq. meter13.15588923 sq yard
12 sq. meter14.35187916 sq yard
13 sq. meter15.54786909 sq yard
14 sq. meter16.74385902 sq yard
15 sq. meter17.93984895 sq yard
16 sq. meter19.13583888 sq yard
17 sq. meter20.33182881 sq yard
18 sq. meter21.52781874 sq yard
19 sq. meter22.72380867 sq yard
20 sq. meter23.9197986 sq yard
21 sq. meter25.11578853 sq yard
22 sq meter26.31177846 sq yard
23 sq meter27.50776839 sq yard
24 sq. meter28.70375832 sq yard
25 sq. meter29.89974825 sq yard
26 sq. meter31.09573818 sq yard
27 sq. meter32.29172811 sq yard
28 sq. meter33.48771804 sq yard
29 sq. meter34.68370797 sq yard
30 sq. meter35.8796979 sq yard
31 sq. meter37.07568783 sq yard
32 sq. meter38.27167776 sq yard
33 sq. meter39.46766769 sq yard
34 sq. meter40.66365762 sq yard
35 sq. meter41.85964755 sq yard
36 sq. meter43.05563748 sq yard
37 sq. meter44.25162741 sq yard
38 sq. meter45.44761734 sq yard
39 sq meter46.64360727 sq yard
40 sq. meter47.8395972 sq yard
41 sq. meter49.03558713 sq yard
42 sq. meter50.23157706 sq yard
43 sq. meter51.42756699 sq yard
44 sq. meter52.62355692 sq yard
45 sq meter53.81954685 sq yard
46 sq. meter55.01553678 sq yard
47 sq. meter56.21152671 sq yard
48 sq. meter57.40751664 sq yard
49 sq. meter58.60350657 sq yard
50 sq. meter59.7994965 sq yard





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