8 Benefits You Need to Know About Solar Installation

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In this article, we will discuss 8 Benefits You Need to Know About Solar Installation.

Today, we all know the importance of electricity – we need it to light our homes, power machines and appliances, etc. Electricity demand is increasing day by day, resulting in ever-growing prices and climatic changes. The increased cost of electricity results in buyers choosing to install a solar system to generate electricity and run home appliances. 

✔ Solar installation results in a reduction in electricity bills without a reduction in power generation and consumption. Solar energy is the most affordable and convenient source of energy. This technology is capable of converting sunlight into electrical energy, which helps in running home appliances, lights, fans and other devices. 

✔ Solar installation not only benefits one on a monetary basis, but it’s also sustainable. Keep scrolling through to learn the details regarding the benefits of solar installations.



  8 Benefits You Need to Know About Solar Installation  


  1. Saves Your Money by Reducing Your Electricity Bills: 

Electricity provided by the solar system during the daytime will offset your grid-power consumption. Thus, it leads to less grid consumption and helps in reducing electricity bills. Therefore, with solar panels, you can reduce your electricity bills by half and enjoy these benefits. 


  1. Reduces Carbon Footprint:

As solar panels trap solar energy and then transform it into electrical energy, it is the most sustainable form of energy generation as compared to other conventional sources of energy. A generator needs fuel to run, which emits harmful gases and a lot of noise. Thus, solar installation is ideal as it reduces carbon footprint.

solar installation

Image Source: Luminous India


  1. Increases Access to Energy:

As the power demand in India is increasing rapidly, there are still many people in rural and in urban areas who have unreliable sources of electrical energy. In such cases, solar installation results in the most affordable and convenient energy source, even in places where proper electricity is not accessible by the residents. 


  1. Support from the Government: 

In order to encourage and make people aware of adopting solar energy, the government of India offers tax credits to those who install solar panels, whether for commercial or residential purposes. 


  1. Low Maintenance Cost: 

The main factor that draws attention to the importance of solar panel installation is that they do not require frequent maintenance. They can work easily for years if kept properly. Moreover, the maintenance charges on these panels are not too high. You can easily get the panel cleaned for dust and debris without too much effort.


  1. It Doesn’t Require Additional Space for Installation: 

The biggest advantage of installing a solar system is that it can be easily installed anywhere on the roof. So, people do not need to vacate the land or invest in buying land for the installation of solar panels. 


  1. Suitable for Indian Climate: 

Solar systems utilise sunlight to convert it into electricity. India is located at a geographical location and receives an ample amount of sunlight. There are almost 300 sunny days with clear skies each year. Thus, these solar panels work best in countries like India with abundant solar energy.


  1. Increases Home Value: 

If you invest in a home solar system, it will be helpful in increasing the value of your property. Homebuyers these days like to buy homes with solar systems already installed and can pay you more for that too.



  Solar Energy is the Future  

Having a solar system installed in homes is essential for the future as it could save you a lot of expenses. Investing in solar system panels would be a trustworthy and beneficial investment. 

Luminous India offers the most sustainable solar solutions for you to live a greener and more affordable life. There are various solar system options available for you to choose from, like DC-based systems, AC-based with backup (Off-grid), and AC-based without Backup (Grid Tie). So, say goodbye to the stress of frequent power cuts with Luminous India. Visit their website for more details! 


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