Roofing Sheets Price in India 2024

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➤ Are you curious to know the Roofing Sheets Price in India? Then you are in the right source. We provide you with a complete and detailed price list of roofing sheets in India with the necessary thickness and brand name.



1. Metal Roofing Sheets Price in India with Thickness

Note: Prices may vary from state to state and dealer to dealer. We have taken the average price here. So, we suggest you reach a nearer dealer and consult. We do not promote any brand; the table is provided solely based on the demand of these companies.

The most commonly used types of metal sheets and thicknesses are given below:

BrandThickness (mm)Price (INR/sqm)CoatingWarranty (Years)Price/kg (approx.)
Tata BlueScope Steel0.50350COLORBOND®1570-87
Bansal Roofing Products Limited0.43250Galvalume555-65
CK Birla Group (Birla Roofing Solutions)0.43270Galvalume558-68
Everest Industries Limited0.50340COLORBOND®1268-82
Hindalco Industries Ltd.0.50320COLORBOND®1265-80
JSW Steel Coated Products Limited0.50330COLORBOND®1266-81
Georoof (by Hindalco)0.50290Galvalume560-75
Hindalco Everlast (by Hindalco)0.50310COLORBOND®1263-78



2. What is the best thickness of the roofing sheet for the long run? 

You should not use a roofing sheet less than 0.5 mm for the construction of the roof of your house.

This doesn’t mean roofing sheets with less than 0.5 mm are weaker, but in the long run, roofing sheets with 0.5 mm or more thickness play the best role.



3. What is the best coat for a roofing sheet?

COLORBOND-coated roofing sheets are best for durability and high performance.


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