Radians to Degrees Conversion

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  1. Radians to Degrees  

Radians may be defined as the formal unit of angular measure. It is a derived unit in the International System of Units. An angle’s measurement in radians is numerically equivalent to the length of a corresponding arc of a unit circle. One radian is equivalent to 180/π (~57.296) degrees.

The degree may be defined as the is a unit of angular measurement, a full rotation of 360 degrees.  Because a full rotation is equivalent 2π radians, one degree is equal to π/180 radians. Although a degree is not an SI (International System of Units) unit, it is a taken unit within the SI brochure.


Radians (rad) in π TermsRadians (rad)Degrees (°)
0 rad0 rad
π/6 rad0.5235987756 rad30°
π/4 rad0.7853981634 rad45°
π/3 rad1.0471975512 rad60°
π/2 rad1.5707963268 rad90°
2π/3 rad2.0943951024 rad120°
3π/4 rad2.3561944902 rad135°
5π/6 rad2.6179938780 rad150°
π rad3.1415926536 rad180°
3π/2 rad4.7123889804 rad270°
2π rad6.2831853072 rad360°





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