Density of Construction Materials

The value of density is found for materials, not quantities. So different materials have their own density. The density of  construction materials used in the construction are : S.No. Construction … Read More

Grade of Concrete

Concrete is the homogeneous mixture of cement or lime, sand, aggregate and water with their proportion. The cement used in concrete is called cementing material. The sand used in the … Read More

Water Related Diseases

In underdeveloped countries, a large portion of the population is depended on untreated water for drinking purposes. Every year about 30 millions peoples die in the world because of sanitation … Read More

Removal of efflorescence

For the eradication(complete removal)  of efflorescence problem the source of ingress of moisture should be determined first, the cause of ingress may be due to defective DPC or absence of … Read More

System of Sanitation

System of sanitation is the hygienic means of maintaining proper health through the prevention of human contact with hazards of wastes by proper treatment and disposal of solid and liquid … Read More

Building Substructure

Building substructure is the lower part of a structural system which is constructed beneath the ground level so, hidden from view. It transfers loads of the structural system i.e building, … Read More

Construction Management

It is very necessary for construction management to control the money flow and to construct any structure under budget. There are three types of construction management: Organization Site Management Contract … Read More

Effects of Landslide

The term ‘landslide ‘ is self-defined word i.e slide of land. The sliding down of weak and unstable surface materials (soil, sand, rocks,etc.) of the earth due to various causes … Read More

Units in Civil Engineering

Different works are carried out in civil engineering sectors. All different works have different units; some work’s unit may be the same. Some of the units used in civil engineering … Read More

Village Road

A village is such a perfect place where you can find harmony with nature with its pleasing scenario, fresh air, hospitable people and simple quiet life. Basically, it’s a suitable … Read More

Water Treatment Processes

Water from any source may contain various suspended, colloidal and dissolved impurities which may be harmful or useful for drinking purpose. The process of removal of undesirable matters and pathogens … Read More

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