Housekeeping Cleaning Equipment With Images and Uses

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In this article, we will discuss housekeeping cleaning equipment.


  1. Housekeeping Cleaning Equipment  

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1. Microfiber ClothMicrofiber clothUsed to wipe down surfaces in rooms, bathrooms, and common areas.
2. Broom and Dust PanBroom and Dust PanUsed to easily gather all the dust.
3. AbrasivesUsed to clean wooden or metal surfaces.
4. Bucket and MopUsed to wipe the floor, and clean the room.
5. Duster and GlovesUse for terminating dust from furniture, ornaments, or other objects.
6. Scrubs and SpongesScrubs and SpongesUsed for cleaning.
7. Vacuum Cleanervacuum cleanerCleaning dust and getting rid of allergens.
8. Grout CleanerGrout CleanerUse it as a regular bathroom cleaner to remove soap scum, whiten grout and leave surfaces sparkling.
9. Polishing MachinePolishing MachineUsed to perform operations of brushing, buffing, polishing, and finishing any metal material.
10. SqueegeeSqueegeeUsed to remove residual water or cleaning solvents from windows and mirrors.
11. Steam Vapor MachineSteam vapour MachineUsed to clean, and sanitize surfaces.
12. Limescale RemoverLimescale RemoverUsed to remove limescale from metal surfaces in contact with hot water.
13. PlungerPlungerUsed for unclogging sinks, drains, and toilets.
14. Surface WipesSurface WipesUsed to clean multiple sorts of hard surfaces such as stainless steel, countertops, glass, and wooden furniture.
15. Surgical SpiritSurgical SpiritUsed to get rid of Gummy Stains.
16. VinegarVinegarUsed in removing light stains in the bath.
17. BleachBleachUsed to avoid Microbial Infection.
18. Air and Water Purifiers and Vegetable CleanerAir and Water Purifiers and Vegetable CleanerUsed in removing chemicals and pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables.
19. Floor CleanerFloor CleanerUsed to remove stains, dirt, litter, and obstructions.
20. Waste Segregating DustbinWaste Segregating DustbinUsed to collect organic and inorganic waste.





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