Folded Plate Staircase: Types, Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages of Folded Plate Staircase

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Nowadays construction of buildings, Folded Plate Staircase are utilized as they contain a thin and sleek design. Though Folded Plate Staircase looks proper they are costly compared to other types of staircases due to the extra cost of centering and alignment of the framework.

Folded plate structures are in a very light form, their construction can be performed fast and easily. Its span of up to 30 m can be effortlessly fixed.





  1. Types of Folded Plate Structures  

The types of folded plate structures are as follows:


a. V-Shaped Folding Plates

These V-shaped plates are made for architectural design. It is utilized for a short length. It cannot resist compressive stress to the top and bottom of the concrete construction. It is utilized to provide elevation effects.


V-Shaped Folding Plates


b. Butterfly-Shaped Folding Plates

Butterfly-shaped folding plates are mainly utilized for factory roofs and petrol pump roofs. Windows can be fixed in this type of design.


c. Trough Shaped Folding Plates

Trough-shaped folding plates have been utilized to construct roofs for a long time. It is qualified for withstanding compressive stress. This type of folding plate can be utilized to protect an extensive area.


d. Tapered Folded Plates

Tapered folded plates are utilized especially by the manufacturer. This type of folding plate is utilized to make air ventilation in industries. It encloses a decorative design.


e. Hyped Folded Plates

Hyped folding plates are mostly utilized to create cooling sheds in thermal power stations. In addition, tent sheds are made in industries.


Folded Plate Staircase





  2. Folded Plate Staircase  

The fold plate staircase is a self-supported construction without stringers. Folded plate staircases are usually utilized in construction for stunning designs in stylish buildings. Its design is thin and very attractive.

However, the centering and alignment of the folded plate stair structure require a ton of skill.

Stairs are more costly than other types of staircases because of expensive costs. The proper part of the counterweight is estimated for the stability of the structure of the folded plate staircase.


Folded Plate Staircase





  3. Uses of Folded Plate Staircase  

The uses of folded plate staircase are as follows:

✔ It is used to add extra beauty to the building.

✔ It is used for the long life of a staircase.

✔ It is used where the construction is needed to be cast.





  4. Advantages of Folded Plate Staircase  

The advantages of folded plate staircase are as follows: 

✔  It is light form than other types of staircases.

✔  These types of structures can be used economically and reduce construction costs.

✔  It gives better architectural effects than other forms of construction.

✔  It can be used for long-span construction like a factory.

✔ It specializes in selecting specific arched shapes.

✔  Very useful in construction like a petrol pump.





  5. Disadvantages of Folded Plate Staircase  

✔ It is complicated to accomplish shuttering work.

✔ In this type of structure, particular care has to be carried out for the formwork.

✔ This type of staircase needs skilled labor and supervision.




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