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Feet to Yard Conversion

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  1. Feet to Yard  

Here is the quick conversion of feet to the yard is as follows:

Foot (ft) Yard (Yd)
0.01 ft 0.0033333333 yd
0.1 ft 0.0333333333 yd
1 ft 0.3333333333 yd
2 ft 0.6666666667 yd
3 ft 1 yd
5 ft 1.6666666667 yd
10 ft 3.3333333333 yd
20 ft 6.6666666667 yd
50 ft 16.6666666667 yd
100 ft 33.3333333333 yd
1000 ft 333.3333333333 yd


The foot is a non-SI unit of distance or length, calculating around a third of a meter. There are 12″ in one foot and 3′ in one yard.

The yard may be defined as a unit of length equal to 3 feet; defined as 91.44 centimeters; originally taken to be the average length of a stride.





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