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TopicEarthquake Interview Question and Answer
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1. Which Are The Two Kinds Of Earthquakes?

⇒ Volcanic and Tectonic.


2. How Is The Earthquake Measured?

⇒ By using the Richter scale and Mercalli scale.


3. What Is Richter Scale?

⇒ Richter scale is used to degree the whole strength released during the earthquake.


4. What Is a Seismic Belt?

⇒ Some areas of the earth are prone to earthquakes. These areas are referred to as seismic belts.


5. Who Devised Richter Scale?

⇒  C.F. Richter


6. What Is Epicenter?

⇒ The vicinity of starting place of an earthquake is referred to as the epicenter.


7. What Is Focus?

⇒ The factor at which an earthquake happens is referred to as focus or epicenter.


8. Which Are The Three Types Of Earthquakes?

⇒ Shallow, Intermediate, and deep.


9. When An Earthquake Strikes Tremors Spread Toward In?

Seismic waves


10. Who First Detected The Seismic Waves?

⇒ R.D. Oldham.


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