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60+ Construction Materials List : Images and Uses

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In this article, we will discuss the construction materials list.


According to Oxford Economics, In 2022, US $9.7 trillion was utilized in the construction sector around the globe. 

✔ The construction sector is growing rapidly, and the demand for construction materials is also increasing drastically.

✔ With the growing construction sector and scarcity of materials, new construction materials are also developed. We will discuss the 64 construction materials list with images and uses.



  Construction Materials List  

Here is the list of best construction materials,

Name Image  Use
1. Cement Density Of Cement Used as a binder in concrete, an essential material for all types of construction.
2. Sand Sand  Used to give bulk, strength, and other properties to construction materials like asphalt and concrete.

Also a major component for rendering.

3. Steel Alloy Used in the manufacture of windows, railings, etc.
4. Bitumen bitumen  Used for road construction, roofing, damp proofing, waterproofing, and other applications
5. Concrete types of concrete Used for the construction of foundations, roads, bridges, walls, etc.
6. Structural steel Structural steel Used for the construction of steel structures.
7. Binding Wires Binding Wires 60+ Construction Materials List : Images and Uses Used for tying applications in the field of construction.
8. Fly Ash Fly Ash  Used to improve the strength and segregation of the concrete and make it easier to pump.
9. Aggregate properties of aggregates | coarse aggregate  Used in construction to provide drainage, fill voids, protect pipes, and provide hard surfaces.
10. Bricks Construction Material List Used as a structural as well as a non-structural to make walls.
11. Blocks Blocks  Used for various purposes such as the construction of load-bearing walls, retaining walls, partitions, and foundations.
12. Timber Timber Used in doors, windows, cabinets, cupboards, shelves, tables, railings, etc.
13. Nails Nails Most commonly used to fasten pieces of wood together.
14. Lime lime  Used for soil stabilization in roads, earthen dams, airfields, and building foundations.
15. Paint Emulsion Paint Vs Oil Based Paint Used to protect all sorts of buildings and structures from the effects of water and sun.
16. Bamboo Bamboo wood Uses to construct bamboo buildings as well as used for scaffolding.
17. Pipes Copper Used for water supply system.
18. Glass parapet wall Used as insulation material, structural component, and external glazing material.
19. Tiles tiles Used to cover surfaces like roofs, floors, and walls.
20. Marble 60+ Construction Materials List : Images and Uses Used principally in buildings and monuments, interior decoration, sculpture, tabletops, etc.
21. Mud Mud Used to coat, seal, or adhere to materials.
22. Metal Sheet Tin Used in exterior or interior home decor and also as a roofing material.
23. Tar tar Used in road works.
24. Chipboard Chipboard  Used for floor decking, shelving, and general building work.
25. Water Productive Canal Used in the preparation of mortar, and concrete and for curing work.
26. Rope  Rope Used for dragging and lifting.
27. Stone Stone Stones are used for the paving of roads, footpaths, and open spaces around buildings.

Also used in roofing.

28. Green Cement Types of Green Cement Used as a binder in concrete.
29. Soil Soil Used for making bricks, Cement, etc.
30. Granite Granite Used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects.
31. Primer Primer Used for better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability. Also used for UPVC spray painting.
32. Straw Straw Used to provide load-bearing structural support to a building.
33. Asphalt 60+ Construction Materials List : Images and Uses Used in the construction of flexible pavement and driveways.
34. Iron Tin Used in making fencing walls, structural parts of buildings, windows, etc.
35. White Cement White Cement Used for fixing marble tiles, and sheathing walls, floors, and roofs.
36. Aluminum Aluminum  Used in external facades, roofs, walls, windows, and doors.
37. Rubber Rubber  Used in the construction of Joints, seals, and gaskets.
38. Alloy Alloy Used in stainless steel pipelines.
39. Gypsum Board Gypsum Used as a finish for walls and ceilings.

Also used as a heat insulator.

40. Gypsum Gypsum Used for plastering.
41. Ceramics Ceramics  Used in tiling and other decorative purposes.
42. Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Used as reinforcement but it is light and highly durable & strong as compared to reinforcement.
43. Copper Copper Used in the construction industry to form pipes and tubing for potable water distribution and heating and cooling systems.
44. Foam Foam Used for its lightweight, durable properties in sealing and thermal insulation applications.
45. Fabric Fabric Provide access between the inside and the outside of the building.
46. Surkhi surkhi Used for the decorative purpose to give traditional looks also.
47. Liquid waterproofing gel  Water proofing gel  Liquid waterproofing products are specifically used for making concrete or mortar waterproof.
48. Hempcrete Hempcrete Used for walls, and roofs.
49. Planks Planks Used as temporary platforms on supported scaffolds
50. Steel plate Steel plate Used in roofing.
51. Railings  Railings  Used on the terrace for protection.
52. Plastic Bottles Plastic Bottles Used for preparing walls, and boundary walls.
53. Sanitary and fittings Sanitary and fittings Used to seal two or more pipelines together in a manner that meets the high hygienic standards of regulatory agencies
54. Wire Wire Used for lifting high loads with the aid of construction vehicles.
55. Solvent Solvent used in many construction products such as paints, thinners, and glues.
56. Thinner Thinner Used to dissolve paint and reduce the viscosity of the paint.
57. Cow dunk  Cow dunk  Used as a binding material.
58. Clay clay Used in the preparation of bricks.
59. Bleaching Powder Bleaching Powder Used for disinfecting drinking water supply to make it potable.
60. Concrete admixture Concrete adimixture  Used to improve the behavior of concrete under a variety of conditions.
61.  Plastic sheets Plastic sheets Used as a roof as well as a ventilator ( light).
62. Gravel Gravel Used for road construction, for mixing with asphalt, and as construction fill.
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