10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

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In this article, we will discuss the best Construction companies that are large and well-established in furnishing high-quality construction projects.




Construction Companies are business enterprises that are mainly concerned with specially constructed projects i.e. (the construction of buildings, bridges, and so on).

It is a great organization perfectly focused on the development of various types of structures, assets, facilities, housing, roads, sidewalks, highways, and many more.

It also works on many other aspects such as staffing project managers, accounting, hiring specialty contractors, and even hiring significant GCs if the project warrants it.

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 Functions of Construction Companies 

Plans, coordinates, and Controls every construction activity

Manage, handle, and manipulates the performance of construction projects

Supervise the construction projects and manage negotiable budgeting

Manage the overall quality of the construction projects

Manage construction projects to make risk free

Evaluate and estimates the progress of the projects

Stay focused on profit maximization



 10 Best Construction Companies in the USA 


 1. Bechtel Corporation 

10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

Bechtel Corporation is the American world’s largest privately financed infrastructure engineering and construction project management company that opened in 1994.

This company delivers many complex and challenging projects over all the world.

Hoover Dam, the Channel Tunnel, and the Three Gorges Dam are the perfect and best notable projects of the company.

It provides special services in engineering, construction, and project management.

It has a revenue of $17.6 billion.


 2. Turner Construction 

10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

Turner Construction is an America-based international construction services company that leads builders in diverse market components.

It is a global construction company situated in New York City.

It earns about $14 billion earnings in annual revenue.

It is an iconic building and infrastructure project adding the Empire State Building, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and the National Cathedral.

It is a most recognized company for undertaking large and complex projects that completes 1,500 projects early with over 10,000 employees.


 3. Fluor Corporation 

10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

Fluor Corporation is one of the best American multinational engineering and construction companies with a 4.1 rating out of 5.0.

It fabricates safe, well-executed, capital-efficient projects for clients with professional and technical solutions around the world.

Above the 60k employees are the workforce of the company that offers a wide range of services like energy management, project management, managed services and maintenance, and various facilities.

It has a $1.7 billion annual revenue in 2022 and 2021.



 4. Kiewit 

10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

Kiewit is one of the popular North American companies. It is considered the largest and most respected engineering and construction organization.

It has over $10.3 billion in annual revenue.

Kiewit is a great leader company in the development of new technologies and innovations.

The company provides various opportunities to make a perfect impact in communities across North America in diverse markets including transportation, water/wastewater, power, oil, gas, chemical, building, and mining.

It has a strong and large workforce of over 28,000 employees.


 5. Black & Veatch 

10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

Black & Veatch is the perfect employee-owned engineering, consulting, and construction company that has a 100-year legacy of innovations in long-term sustainable infrastructure.

Since 1915, the company improves the lives of people in over 100 countries through various functions like consulting, construction, operations, and program management.

It earned $3.5 billion in revenue in 2018 whereas it has a $3.2 billion revenue annually.

It has 10.4k employees as a strong workforce.


 6. Skanska 

10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

Skanska is one of the best global construction and development companies with operations in Europe, Asia, and North America.

It is the largest, perfect financially sound construction and development company.

Construction, development, infrastructure, and public-private partnerships are the major services of the company.

It has been recognized for its environmental leadership since it is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

It has a $17.8 billion revenue annually.


 7. EMCOR Group 

10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

EMCOR stands for Engineering and machinery corporation.

EMCOR Group is the best construction company that provides mechanical and electrical services.

It is a global leader in industrial and energy infrastructure, mechanical and electrical construction, and building services.

It provides the best sustainability and green building solutions.

It has 33k employees with over $11 billion in annual revenue.



 8. Mas Tec 

10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

Mas Tec is an American construction and multinational infrastructure engineering company.

MasTec is the top power plant and renewable energy construction company.

It is mainly focused on building and engineering services i.e. natural gas power plants, alternative fuel power plants, wind farms, and solar energy facilities.

It is recognized as a company that achieves higher customer expectations safely, best profitably, and in a manner that rewarded both customers and the team.

It has over 22k employees and $9.8 billion in annual revenue in 2023.


 9. VINCI Construction 

10 Best Construction Companies in the USA

VINCI is a multinational construction company operated in Paris, France.

It is a global leader in construction and has 100k employees with a net worth in 2023 was $68.25B.

It builds diverse civil engineering structures around the world.

It has a long history of serving complex and challenging projects within budget and on time.


 10. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company 

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company is an American private construction company.

It generally designs and builds integrated projects, construction management, and general contracting for small and large diverse groups of customers.

It has over $1.2 billion in annual revenue with offices in 20 states including over 4k employees.


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