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Civil Engineering MCQs Question : 2023 [Updated]

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Topic of MCQs Civil Engineering MCQs Question
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The important Civil Engineering MCQs Question is listed below:


1. A building can be mainly divided into how many components?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 6

d. 8


2. D.P.C (Damp Proof Course) is mainly laid on:

a. Footing

b. Floor

c. Foundation

d. Plinth


3. Floor in a building

a. Separates levels

b. Is laid below the plinth

c. Contains R.C.C.

d. Has a thickness of 10 cm


4. Which of the below is constructed above doors, and windows?

a. Joist

b. Purlin

c. Lintel

d. Arch


5. What is the level below the window called?

a. Pane level

b. Lintel level

c. Sill level

d. Plinth level


6. Wall is mainly of how many types?

a. 3

b. 2

c. 5

d. 6


7. ___________ wall is used to resist lateral forces like severe wind.

a. Knee wall

b. Cavity wall

c. Infill wall

d. Shear wall


8. Building finishes are not considered components of a building.

a. True

b. False


9. How many types of parapets are there?

a. 4

b. 2

c. 5

d. 6


10. Skylight is a type of window.

a. True

b. False


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