Checklist of Formwork | Falsework, Centering, Shuttering

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In this article, we will discuss a checklist of formwork.


  1. Introduction  

Formwork (also called falsework, centering, and shuttering) may be defined as the timber or other materials which are used to form molds into which concrete is poured at the site.



  2. Checklist of Formwork  


1.Formwork should be the strong and exact dimension.
2.Sheeting must be well oiled before pouring the concrete.
3. Install formwork by keeping the proper gap.
4.Install the formwork with the help of Nut and bolt.
5. Before, placing concrete spray water and cement.
6.Pouring of concrete is done by using the vibrator.
7. Stop vibration when air no longer escapes from the concrete.
8.Do curing daily by spraying water or keeping wet jute.


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  2. Size of Formwork  


Formwork SizeSpacingChecked
Beam9″ ×12″
Slab5″ to 6″
Columns Minimum 9” x 9” inches
Walls9” for outer walls
4.5″ for internal partition walls


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  4. Checklist For Removal of Formwork  

S. No.Description of a structural memberTime PeriodChecked
1Walls, columns, and vertical sides of beams1 to 2 days
2Slabs (props left under)3 days
3Beam soffits (props left under)7 days
4Removal of props to slabs
(a) For slabs spanning up to 4.5 m7 days
(b) For slabs spanning over 4.5 m14 days
5Removal of props to beams and arches
(a) Spanning up to 6 m14 days
(b) spanning over 6 m21 days



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