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Bitumen Prime Coat Calculation

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  1. Bitumen Prime Coat Calculation  

Bitumen is a solid or semisolid, black, sticky, ductile substance, obtained as an important byproduct from the distillation of crude petroleum.

The type and quantity of cutback bitumen for various types of granular surfaces shall be as given in Table.


Emulsion Bitumen Cutback Bitumen
Types of Surface Rate of Spray
Types of Surface Cutback Rate of Spray
WMM / WBM 0.7 – 1.0 WMM / WBM MC 30 0.6 – 0.9
Stabilized soil bases/Crusher Run Macadam 0.9 – 1.2 Stabilized soil bases/Crusher Run Macadam MC 70 0.9 – 1.2



Area for Bitumen = Length × Breadth


Total Quantity = Total Area × Rate of Spray






  2. Properties of bitumen  

The properties of bitumen are as follows:

i. It is characteristically solid or semi-solid, black, and sticky.

ii. It melts or softens on the application of heat.

iii. Its specific gravity is 1.09.

iv. It is completely soluble in carbon disulphide.

v. It is a binder in all types of asphalt.

vi. It possesses great chemical stability but is affected by oil.

vii. It has low permittivity and high insulation resistance.




  3. Uses  

The uses of bitumen are mentioned below:

i. It is used as a damp-proof course in walls and under basements and inlining tanks, swimming pools, urinals, etc.

ii. Since it forms a good expansion joint, therefore, it is used for filling up the joints in leaky roofs.

iii. It is being extensively used as a road-making material.

iv. It is used for making heatinsulating materials for buildings.

v. It is also employed in the manufacture of roofing felt, impermeable paints, and cold molded bituminous plastics. Bituminous paints are made by incorporating red, green, or brown pigments into the asphalt. These paints are suitable for decorative and waterproof flooring.


This was for the bitumen prime coat calculation.





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