Latest Update on Tunnel Incident India: Why not India capable of rescuing the workers for 7 days?

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1. What happened on Friday?

Tunnel Incident India
Tunnel Incident India
  • An Indian Air Force C-17 transportation airliner airlifted 22 tonnes of essential supplies from Indore to Dehradun on Friday.
  • Rescue employees prepared through 24 meters of trash in the Silkyara tunnel till Friday afternoon, approaching the 40 trapped laborers after five days.
  • Bhaskar Khulbe, former Advisor PMO, called the happening site and said that the government is investigating all potential prospects to get those stuck there. They are obtaining help from unfamiliar consultants, and PM Modi has highlighted leading the rescue function as soon as attainable.
  • Five laborers from Odisha are among the 40 workers entrapped in an under-construction tunnel in Uttarkashi.
  • The labor department has dispatched two officers to Uttarkashi to harmonize with local tools to recover workers safely.
  • Five workers from Odisha were determined.
  • Six-meter steel pipes with 800-900 mm diameter are inserted one behind the other as the appliance drills via the trash for the rescue operation. The fifth tube was inserted on Friday afternoon.
  • Families and administrators from home shapes utter to entrapped workers via a pipe at the rescue area.
  • The American drill machine was passed in from Delhi on Wednesday on IAF’s Super Hercules aircraft. It substituted the earlier drilling tools as it had a restricted capacity to infiltrate rubble.
  • 165 personnel from miscellaneous agencies are achieving round-the-clock rescue work, including the National Disaster Response Force, State Disaster Response Force, Border Roads Organisation, and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, per the State Emergency Operation headquarters.



2. What is the latest update about Tunnel Incident India?

Tunnel Incident India
Tunnel Incident India
  • Family members of the trapped workers outside are anxiously waiting for a chance to have a conversation with them.
  • Nitin Gadkari and Pushkar Singh Dhami examined and investigated relief work at the Silkyara tunnel location.
  • Administrators of PMO and BRO review and inspect rescue functions.
  • Other hirelings will produce a 700m road close to Silkyara village, where the Silkyara tunnel departs.
  • Developed and advanced devices were initiated to reach the Silkyara tunnel as a rescue function to carry out the foundered victims, and they are underway.
  • The doctor alerts of respiratory issues due to high silica levels in a tunnel. Hypoxia and tribulation regulating oxygen, pulse, and blood pressure may emerge.
  • The trapped workers are facing several health issues due to the shortage of proper food and the stressful conditions.
  • Major Naman Narula said, “150 soldiers to produce 320m path, drill 80-120m. Work done by 9 am tomorrow. Trees cut if in the route”.
  • Indian Army to create a track for standing drilling to get trapped workers.
  • Today, the Uttarakhand Chief Minister and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari will study and investigate relief and rescue work at the Silkyara Tunnel on the Uttarkashi-Yamnotri road.



3. Why is the Indian government continuously being criticized?

Tunnel Incident India
Tunnel Incident India

A tunnel collapse in India has increased several worries about the country’s tragedy management and safety criteria in the construction industry. The Indian government has been facing broad objections to its response regarding the current scenario, with many challenging the sufficiency of the recovery and rescue effort.

Although the government protected its efforts, the delay in recovering the workers has emphasized the requirement for sounder tragedy management systems.

The incident has shed light on the necessity for sweetened safety measures in the construction industry.

The administration has promised to enrich safety in the sector. Still, whether these efforts will be sufficient and effective in controlling future tragedies remains to be noticed.

Typically, the tunnel collapse in India symbolizes a gloomy reminder of the significance of appropriate tragedy administration and safety measures in the construction industry.

It is essential that tasks are comprehended from this catastrophe and that measures are assumed to avert identical tragedies from transpiring in destiny.



4. What are the weaknesses of the Indian government for the 7-day delay in rescuing the workers?

Tunnel Incident India
Tunnel Incident India

The weaknesses of the Indian government in the 7-day delay in rescuing the workers are even under experimentation. Some of the potential contributing factors are:

  • The problem of reaching the collapse spot was encountered in a small and challenging area.
  • The deficiency of sufficient rescue technologies, equipment, and personnel.
  • The deficient coordination of rescue actions between various agencies.
  • The complicated legal and bureaucratic approaches must be observed before rescue procedures are triggered.
  • The shortage of political will to prioritize the rescue step.
  • The deficiency of clarity and responsibility from the Indian government.

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