Explore the wonder of tree houses: From their history to their impacts & designs

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The tree house is a house structure built some feet above the ground level or raised structure with multiple levels supported or created upon trees. In this modern era, they are made mostly for kids as a playroom or for adults as a room for refreshment and they are also used as beautiful hotels for tourism.

tree house

The tree house can be built from various materials which may be wood, metal, or plastic. They are mostly small structures built around the trees. They have been a part of the excitement and fun for the children to grow in a natural setting.


  A. History Of the Tree House  

The tree house has been a very important part of human civilization for many centuries ago. They have evolved from a very simple platform to a military to a very complex structure having multifunctional use including fun and relaxation.

Here in the below table, we will look upon the past and how the tree house was used by different people according to their cultures

S.N.RegionFunctions of the Tree House
1Ancient Greece and Romeas lookout points for military purposes
2Native American culturesas temporary homes or as platforms for religious ceremonies.
3Africaas lookout points for hunting or as temporary shelters.
4Southeast Asiaas homes or as places of worship.
5Europeas retreats or hideaways for nobles and royalty.



  B. Styles and Designs of Tree Houses 

The styles and designs of the tree house may vary from person to person who built the house. They can be from simple platforms to multilevel building structures having doors and windows.

However here we will look at some types of trees house that are common around the world.

  i. Platform Treehouses  

These are the tree house that consists of a platform built some feet above the ground. The roof may be present or absent depending on the person to built the tree house. The platform is supported by one or multiple trees.

  ii. Suspended Treehouses:  

These are the tree house that is supported with suspended cable or ropes. the ropes or cables are suspended from the branches.

  iii. Cube Treehouses:  

They are box-like structures built in the trees using different materials like wood plastic and metals. The cube tree house may be of multiple floors

  iv. Round Treehouses:  

These are similar to the platform treehouse, only the difference is that they are round in structure. They are good to build in trees that have relatively thicker branches

  v. Treehouse Villages:   

These are the collection of tree houses that are connected with the help of bridges or walkways.

All types of treehouses vary significantly in shape, size, or function. Some treehouses are small and simple in the structure where as some are relatively larger in structure. The height from the ground to the treehouse also varies in every house

The shapes go from rectangle to square to circular. The materials to build the tree house also vary from house to house. Some houses may be built with just wood, some may be built with metals and wood and some may include wood, metals, plastics, and ropes.

The treehouse also varies in terms of function. Some treehouses may be built for children for entertainment purposes, some may be built for adults as a refreshment and meditation, some may be built as a hangout yard garden, some may be as a decoration and some may be for commercial purposes like building, hotels, or guesthouses.

The shapes and sizes of the treehouse also vary from person to person. some may want a small treehouse with a quiet environment whereas some may want a large treehouse with open space.


  C. Things to Keep In Mind While Building a Tree House  

There are several things to keep in mind while building a tree house. some of them are as follows:

  i. Safety:  

Safety is the most vital thing to keep in mind while building a tree house.

we should consult with an expert who has good knowledge of this.

make sure that the building structure is structurally strong.

we should also keep in mind the place where the tree house is to be built

the condition of the tree in which the house is to be built and the materials which are to be used

  ii. Trees:  

We should be very careful in choosing the tree. The tree should be healthy enough so that it can support the system strongly. We should consider the growth potential of the house as it may affect the upcoming future

  iii. Building Materials:  

Although the major building material used in a tree house is wood. We should not forget about other materials to be used there. What is to be used? metal or plastic. Are they durable? Can they resist the harsh conditions? Maybe some of the questions to be raised while choosing the materials

  iv. Design:  

We should take the design of the tree house initially before the house is built. As the tree house is not flexible. We should take care of the needs and specifications before we built them

  v. Building Codes and Regulations:  

It is very important to know about the existing law and the prevailing permits for the treehouse. In some places, the law may not interfere in tree houses whereas in some countries all the conditions may be the same as for a normal house


  D. How To Ensure That our Tree House Is Safe or Not?  

There are several ways of ensuring that the tree house is safe or not:

  i. Choose the right tree:  

To ensure that the treehouse is safe, we should very first pick the right tree that is able to resist the wind and other harsh conditions

  ii. Use proper construction techniques:  

It is very important to determine that the materials used in the construction of the tree houses are strong enough to handle the pressure of the treehouse. For eg while building the tree house we should use bolts instead of nails as bolts are way stronger than the nails

  iii. Use Sturdy Materials:  

It is very important to use sturdy materials while building a tree house. For eg treated lumber is resistant to insects.

  iv. Regularly Inspect the Treehouse:  k

It is very vital to inspect the tree house and determine the possible effects and damages to the trees. As trees may change with time it is very important to inspect it regularly

  v. Use Caution when Using the Treehouse:  

It is a very good idea to use caution while using a tree house, especially for children. cautions help to make us aware of possible accidents.


  D. How Do Tree Houses Impact the Environment?  

Treehouse has both positive and negative impacts on the environment. some of them are:

Positive ImpactNegative Impact
Treehouse creates a place for people to connect with nature and appreciate the natural worldThe construction of a treehouse may involve cutting down trees or altering the natural landscape, which can have negative consequences for the local ecosystem
Treehouses are built using eco-friendly materials and designs, which can reduce their environmental impact.If the treehouse is not built using eco-friendly materials or techniques, it may have a larger carbon footprint than a traditional home.



  E. Building treehouses In a Way That is Environmentally Suitable  

In, today’s world people build treehouses in a way that is not environment friendly. So here we are about to look at the ways how can the treehouse be built in a way that is environment friendly. The followings are the methods:

  i. Use of Eco-friendly Materials:  

It is very necessary to use materials that are eco-friendly while building the treehouse. Doing so reduces the carbon footprint effect which is caused while using these requirements that are not eco-friendly.

  ii. Minimizing the Impact Upon the Trees:  

It is very crucial to take care of the trees while building the tree house. We should not do those activities that may affect the natural strength of the trees. for eg; drilling

  iii. Using Energy-Efficient Designs:  

Having a connection with the environment means also using natural energy and reducing artificial energy. We should try our best to use technology that is very eco-friendly like solar panels

  iv. Using Sustainable Practices:  

To build an environmentally suitable treehouse we should practice sustainable practices like not producing excess waste and fewer use of plastics


  F. Reasons Why a Tree House Can be a Commercial Resident  

There are many reasons that can explain why the tree house can be a profitable business. Some of them are explained below

  i. A connection to nature:  

Treehouse can be an impressive way of exploring the natural world and having a unique experience. Treehouse offer people a beautiful view of the surrounding.

  ii. A sense of adventure:  

The tree house can offer the visitors with adventure experience along with fun and excitement. It enables the visitors to have a fully new experience

  iii. A chance to disconnect:  

It offers people to have a very different experience which cannot be obtained from any type of hotel or restaurant. It offers you a chance to be disconnected from every type of distractions

  iv. Unique accommodation:  

Treehouse offers visitors a very unique experience and a feeling of novelty and excitement that can be hard to find in a traditional hotel or vacation rental.








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