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Line Ranger Instrument in Surveying



Line Ranger is an optical instrument used in surveying for ranging.

It is used in the process of locating an intermediate point in a straight line between two endpoints of the survey line.

Line Ranger Instrument in Surveying

  1.1. The working mechanism of Line Ranger in Surveying  

Line Ranger is a lightweight instrument consisting of two right-angled isosceles prisms(plane mirrors) placed one above the other and one sight vane such that the surveyor can see the image formed on the prism.

The upper prism is movable and can be adjusted while the lower prism is fixed. Diagonals of the prism are silver coated such that they reflect incident ray.


  1.2. Use  

It is mostly used in direct ranging. 


  1.3. Advantage  

It eliminates the requirement of two persons in ranging. (A single person can easily perform ranging work with this instrument.)


  1.4 Rate  

The rate of line ranger instruments varies between 12$ to 50 $ in the USA and  Rs1,000 to Rs 5,000 in India.


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