7 Landscaping Tools And Equipment Every Homeowner Should Own

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Seeing a well-trimmed hedge, a mowed lawn, and an adequately erected fence brings joy to any homeowner. These improvements in your outdoor space make your home comfortable and secure. It also lets you incorporate personal touches, styles, and designs into your home. 

 If you’re also looking to sell your home, excellent landscaping can also increase your home’s face and actual value, making it easy to find buyers. But getting your home to have the desired landscape requires patience, passion, and the right tools.

 These tools and equipment are essential for your everyday landscaping ideas. Read on to discover the seven must-have tools for every homeowner.



A. 7 Landscaping Tools And Equipment  


a. Post Hole Diggers 

 Holes for erecting a fence, bird feeders, lamp posts, or planting a tall sapling are a common and essential part of landscaping. But the most overlooked part of this practice is digging the holes. They’re dug to different depths depending on the purpose and ground nature. For example, you’ll have to dig deeper when constructing a fence than erecting a bird feeder. 

 There are two types of diggers: manual and powered post hole diggers. The choice between the two largely depends on the nature of the job. Manual hole diggers are used for less strenuous jobs, such as digging on soft grounds and when the holes are deeper.

7 Landscaping Tools And Equipment Every Homeowner Should Own

 In contrast, powered diggers are mainly used for more significant projects and on complex grounds such as rocky grounds. These tools can save too much time and energy, completing work that would take days in a few hours. Moreover, they’re designed to ensure consistent depth and diameter in holes, streamlining the process. 


b. Lawn Mowers

 A manicured lawn is a highlight for many homes. Well-trimmed grasses growing at an even height are a testament to a healthy yard. It’s also an indication of how your home is maintained. The tool behind such lawns is the lawn mower. These tools trim overgrown grasses to the desired height, giving your lawn a pristine look. 

 Mowers come in different types and sizes that suit different types of lawns. For example, push mowers are typical for small plots of land. They’re energy efficient and affordable, making them the best home garden and lawn option. 

 If you have an extensive track of land, choosing a riding mower is the better option. While this tool can be a significant investment, it’s suitable for cutting taller and sprawling grass expanses. If possible, you should look for a lawn mower that can also bag mulch clippings to save more time. 


c. Shovel

 A shovel is a multi-functional tool, making it a must-have for any homeowner. From planting trees to carrying and transferring materials, its uses seem limitless.  Shovels are designed differently in shape and designs that fit various functions. For example, round-point shovels have curved blade that slices easily through the soil, making them suitable for digging. 

 The square-shaped shovel is suitable for scooping, transferring materials, and leveling surfaces. Also, shovels come in different sizes and are usually numbered 0, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  Shovel size 0 is used for digging and lifting loose dirt, while size eight is used to dig and lift rocky soil, gravel, and coal.


d. Watering Hose And Attachments

 Water is the lifeline of your garden and lawn. It ensures that your grass, flowers, and trees thrive. However, it should be distributed evenly to avoid flooding one area or having inadequate water elsewhere. The tools that make this possible are a watering hose and its attachments. 

 With these attachments, you can turn a hose into a multifunctional tool that can be used for cleaning or irrigation. So, have the proper extension for every job that needs water. For example, using a nozzle that outputs a gentle mist is advisable when irrigating delicate plants. Using a high-pressure nozzle could damage the plants. The opposite is also true when doing pressure washing. 


e. Wheelbarrow 

 Landscaping involves transporting materials from one place to another. You may need to move mulch from the lawn to the garden to transport building blocks, cement, or soil. Usually, this requires a lot of effort. But a wheelbarrow offers efficiency in action even with its simplicity in design. The rolling wheel reduces the effort needed to push the materials from place to place.

 You can choose a wheelbarrow depending on the garden’s demand. Metal wheelbarrows are studier and efficient for heavy-duty work. But they’re heavy and easily rust when not taken care of. On the other hand, plastic wheelbarrows are light and can’t rust but are only a viable option for light-duty work. 

 Regardless of the type of wheelbarrow you choose, you should always maintain it. Clean it after use, paint any metal surface to prevent rust, and repair broken parts. A wheelbarrow in excellent condition will streamline many other landscaping processes.


f. Pruning Shears

 Plants grow and change their shapes. Therefore, pruning is essential to ensure they remain healthy and maintain their shape. This is what makes pruning shears vital tools for any landscaping homeowner. The shears allow for a precise cut, preventing too many injuries on the plant while keeping it healthy and neat to thrive. 

 There are two types of shears you can use. First, there’s bypass shears which act as scissors and ensure a clean cut that is ideal for living plants. Secondly, anvil shears use a crushing motion suitable for dead plants or thicker branches.

 Like any cutting tool, the lifespan and the efficiency of pruning shears are determined by how well they’re maintained. Therefore, clean and sharpen them after using them. This will ensure ease of use and minimize stress on plants.


g. Hedge Trimmers 

 Hedge trimmers are the tools behind neatly trimmed bushes and sculpted hedges. These tools ensure that your green fences maintain the desired shape and health, increasing curb appeal. Manual hedge trimmers offer the best option if you’re looking for precision when trimming your hedge, as you get unparalleled control. 

 However, electric trimmers are the best option if you want efficiency, like when trimming a large fence. They can zip through hedges, saving time and effort while providing an excellent trim.



B. Conclusion

 Landscaping demands attention, passion, and the right tools to get the ideal home. Investing in the right equipment will give you the hedge trim you need or help you mow your lawn in a style that suits you.

 The right tools will make your work easier and ensure a healthy garden. A rule of thumb is always to clean and maintain your equipment. 

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