Jindal Steel Price Per Kg : 2024 (Updated Price For All States of India )

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This article will discuss the present price of Jindal Steel Price Per Kg in India in 2024. We will also provide you with a guide about this company’s quality and brand reputation.

Before reading the article, let’s find out the price.


1. Jindal Steel Price Per Kg: Updated

Size of
Jindal Panther 550D
Min Price
(Per Kg)
Max Price
(Per Kg)
6 mm Jindal Panther 550DRs. 84.1Rs. 94.2
8 mm Jindal Panther 550DRs. 80.2Rs. 90.5
10 mm Jindal Panther 550DRs. 78.3Rs. 88.5
12 mm Jindal Panther 550DRs. 76.7Rs. 87.0
16 mm Jindal Panther 550DRs. 76.7Rs. 87.0
20 mm Jindal Panther 550DRs. 76.7Rs. 87.0
25 mm Jindal Panther 550DRs. 76.7Rs. 87.0
28 mm Jindal Panther 550DRs. 76.7Rs. 83.4
32 mm Jindal Panther 550DRs. 76.7Rs. 83.4


2. Is Jindal A Reputed Company? 

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is a multinational company headquartered in New Delhi, India.

This company is a well-known brand in the Steel, Power, Mining, and Infrastructure sectors.

Quick Summary of the company is given below:

Founded: 1979

Founder: Om Prakash Jindal

CEO: Naveen Jindal

Headquarters: New Delhi, India

Products: Steel, power, mining, and infrastructure

Website: https://www.jindalsteelpower.com/

Jindal Group is one of the leading steel manufacturers in India. It is the third-largest private steel producer in the country and the only private player in producing rails.

This company is a global company that is active in countries like India, Australia, and Africa.

JSPL is dedicated to sustainable practices and has been trying to minimize its environmental impact.

The organization has substantially invested in renewable energy sources and is developing innovative technologies to reduce emissions.

Moreover, JSPL is a socially responsible organization actively involved in various social welfare initiatives.

The company supports education, healthcare, and community development projects to improve people’s lives.

After studying the company Yes, we can conclude Jindal is a reputed brand. 


3. FAQs


Q: How much does a 6 mm Jindal TMT bar cost per kg?

A: It ranges from Rs. 84.1 to Rs. 94.2 across India.


Q: What’s the price for 8 mm Jindal TMT bars per kg?

A: It varies from Rs. 80.2 to Rs. 90.5, depending on the state.


Q: What about the per kg rate for 10 mm Jindal TMT bars?

A: Again, depending on the state, between Rs. 78.3 and Rs. 88.5.


Q: How much is a kg of 12 mm Jindal TMT bars?

A: It’s between Rs. 76.7 and Rs. 87 per kg across India.


Q: What is the price for 16 mm Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT bars per kg?

A: Same as 12 mm, ranging from Rs. 76.7 to Rs. 87.


Q: What’s the per kg cost for 20 mm Jindal Panther TMT bars?

A: Between Rs. 76.7 and Rs. 87 per kg.


Q: How about 25 mm Jindal TMT Fe 550D bars?

A: The price ranges from Rs. 76.7 to Rs. 87 per kg.


Q: What’s the rate for 28 mm Jindal Panther TMT bars?

A: It varies from Rs. 76.7 to Rs. 83.4 per kg.


Q: Lastly, what’s the price for 32 mm Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT bars per kg?

A: It ranges from Rs. 76.7 to Rs. 83.4 across different states in India.

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