Hectare to Square feet Conversion

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  1. Hectare to Square feet  

The hectare and square feet are commonly used to measure land.

Unit of AreaConversion Unit
1 Hectare2.47105 acre
1 Hectare3.95368 bigha
1 Hectare247.12785 cent
1 Hectare247.12785 dismil
1 Hectare79.7326 biswa
1 Hectare107639 sq.ft.
1 Hectare247.12785 decimal
1 Hectare11959.98828 gaj
1 Hectare98.84206 guntha
1 Hectare9999.99023 sq.mt.
1 Hectare0.01 sq.km.
1 Hectare100 ares
1 Hectare11959.8877 sq.yd.
1 Hectare19.76841 kanal
1 Hectare79.07365 katha
1 Hectare49.83287 nali
1 Hectare2.47105 killa
1 Hectare395.36823 marla
1 Hectare0.00386 sq.mi.
1 Hectare395.36823 perch
1 Hectare44.84301 ground
1 Hectare3558.31396 sq.karam
1 Hectare0.09884 murabba
1 Hectare1581.4729 lessa
1 Hectare39.53682 biswa kacha
1 Hectare2391.97778 chatak
1 Hectare1581.4729 dhur
1 Hectare1.86873 pura
1 Hectare1494.98621 ankanam


Square Feet is majorly employed in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana, Liberia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United, and a few parts of Canada. In countries that employ the metric system, such as most of Europe, the unit of area measurement is usually the square meter, rather than square feet.


Unit of AreaConversion Unit
1 Square Feet0.0023 decimal
1 Square Feet0.00074 biswa
1 Square Feet0.11111 sq. yd
1 Square Feet0.01469 Dhur
1 Square Feet0.00042 ground
1 Square Feet0.0000000929 sq. km
1 Square Feet929.0304 sq. cm
1 Square Feet0.0023 cent
1 Square Feet0.0023 dismil
1 Square Feet0.00092 guntha
1 Square Feet0.11111 gajam
1 Square Feet0.02222 chatak
1 Square Feet143.99971 sq. in
1 Square Feet0.0929 sq. mt
1 Square Feet0.01389 ankanam
1 Square Feet0.00367 marla
1 Square Feet0.11111 gaj
1 Square Feet0.00367 perch
1 Square Feet0.03306 sq. karam
1 Square Feet0.01469 lessa





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