Guntha to Square Feet Conversion

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  1. Guntha to Square Feet  

Officially, guntha is equal to 101.17 square meters (sq m), 121 square yards (sq yd), or 1,089 square feet (sq ft).
Unit of AreaConversion Unit
1 Guntha0.025 acre
1 Guntha1089 sq. ft.
1 Guntha0.04 bigha
1 Guntha0.01012 hectare
1 Guntha101.17141
1 Guntha2.50023 decimal
1 Guntha2.50023 dismil
1 Guntha0.45368 ground
1 Guntha36 sq.karam
1 Guntha16 lessa
1 Guntha2.50023 cent
1 Guntha0.4 biswa kacha
1 Guntha4 marla
1 Guntha24.2 chatak
1 Guntha16 dhur
1 Guntha0.80667 biswa
1 Guntha120.99998 sq.yd.
1 Guntha0.2 kanal
1 Guntha121.00101 gaj
1 Guntha0.025 killa
1 Guntha0.01891 pura
1 Guntha0.8 katha
1 Guntha1.01172 ares
1 Guntha15.125 ankanam
1 Guntha121 gajam
1 Guntha4 perch
1 Guntha0.50417 nali


1 Square foot is equivalent to 0.00092 Guntha and its plural.

Square feet may be defined as the area possessed in a square that is 12 inches or 30.5 cm on each side. It is employed to represent the area of a flat or room in real estate.

Square Feet are commonly identified for architectural and land measurement aims. Square feet can also be employed to compute other measurements, such as the square footage of walls or ceilings that require to be painted, the portion of carpet or flooring needed for a room, or the portion of tile required for a bathroom or kitchen.




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