Gravity Flow Water Distribution System : Working, Advantages & Disadvantages

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When the distribution reservoir is located at a higher elevation than the target community; then water is supplied with the gravity flow and such a system is called Gravity Flow Water Distribution System.

This method is much more suitable when the source is the river or impounded reservoir at sufficient height than the target community.

Gravity Flow Water Distribution System

Usually pumping water is not required at any stage of this type of distribution.

In hilly or high altitude regions, water supply is generally done by the gravity method. There is no control of water pressure in pipelines.

Due to the high gradient, the velocity of water is also very high. So, Break Pressure Tanks are built at suitable distances to reduce the hydrostatic pressure in the pipe. This prevents the bursting of pipes.



  i. Working of Gravity Flow Water Distribution System  

~ Water source in this system is generally spring, river, or impounded reservoir which lie at a higher elevation.

~ Water from the source is conveyed to the treatment plant with the help of intake structure and transmission mains.

~ Treatment plant is usually located at a lower elevation than source and also near from the source.

~ Treated water is sent to the distribution reservoir and is distributed to the consumers by gravity flow as the targeted community lies at a lower elevation than the distribution reservoir.



  ii. Advantages of Gravity Flow Water Distribution System  

1. No energy is required to operate the system as water is conveyed by gravity.

2. No pump is required.

3. Economical for long-term use.



  iii. Disadvantages of Gravity Flow Water Distribution System  

1. Not applicable in plain or flat terrain where an elevation source of water supply is not available.

2. Water loss by leakage is comparatively higher.

3. Requirement of break pressure tanks to reduce the hydrostatic pressure in the pipelines.


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Er. Madhu Krishna
Er. Madhu Krishna
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