Density of Aggregate ( 2400 to 2900 kg/m³ ) : Particle, Bulk, and Relative Densities

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Normal density, also known as particle density of aggregate, commonly ranges between 2400 to 2900 kg/m³.

Aggregate TypeParticle Density (kg/m³)Bulk Density (kg/m³)Relative Density



1. What is the difference between Particle Density and Bulk Density?


PropertyDefinitionConstancyInfluencing Factors
DensityMeasurement of mass within a given volume of a substance.Remains constant regardless of size/shape.N/A
Bulk DensityMeasurement of mass within a unit volume of bulk material, accounting for air voids between particles.It’s not an intrinsic property.Aggregate size, shape, specific gravity, grading.


Density is the measurement of mass within a given volume of a substance. This property remains constant regardless of the size or shape of the sample, making it a distinctive characteristic of the material.

Conversely, bulk density refers to measuring mass within a unit volume of a bulk material, considering the air voids between particles. This is not an intrinsic property, as it can vary depending on the degree of compaction of the material.

The bulk density of a material is influenced mainly by the aggregates’ size, shape, specific gravity, and grading rather than the container where it is stored. Therefore, these factors play a crucial role in determining the bulk density of a material.



2. What is the Density of Aggregate? 

The density of normal aggregate ranges from 2400 to 2900 kg/m³. 

( Note: Density is also known as particle density. )

Aggregate TypeParticle Density (kg/m³)



3. What is the Bulk Density of Aggregate? 

The bulk density of normal aggregate ranges from 1500 to 1800 kg/m³. 

Aggregate TypeBulk Density (kg/m³)



4. What is the Relative Density of Aggregate? 

The relative density of normal aggregate ranges from 2.4 to 2.9. 

Aggregate TypeRelative Density


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