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Cubic Metre to Cubic Yard Conversion

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  Cubic Metre to Cubic Yard Conversion  

To calculate, we can use below mentioned relation to convert cubic metres to cubic yards.

1 cubic meter = 1.308 cubic yards

A cubic yard may be defined as the imperial and United States Customary unit of volume. The volume of a cube with measurements 1 yd × 1 yd × 1 yd. It is equivalent to 27 cubic feet, 0.7645549 cubic meters, and 764.5549 litres. Its SI unit is Yd3.

A cubic meter may be defined as a unit of measurement of volume in the International System of Units (SI), which is defined as m3. It is the volume of a cube with measurements of one meter long, one meter wide, and one meter deep.


Cubic Meters Cubic Yards
0.1 0.1308
1 1.308
2 2.616
3 3.924
4 5.232
5 6.54
10 13.08
50 65.4
100 130.8




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