Approximate Estimate Required For ? : Importance, Purposes & Need of Approximate Estimate

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  1. Approximate Estimate Required For?  

Let’s know the approximate estimate before understanding the Approximate Estimate Required For.

An approximate estimate, also known as a preliminary or rough estimate, assists in quickly discovering the approximate cost of a project.

Moreover, it allows the concerned authority to evaluate the financial element of the scheme to accord sanction to the same.

Preliminary investigation and preliminary surveying are sufficient to design this estimate. Subsoil investigations and tests to choose the safe bearing capacity may be performed if needed.

Detailed estimates needed detailed surveying, design, and drawing, but not the case in approximate estimates. A line sketch of the project is valuable when an approximate estimate is formulated.

Records for similar works or practical knowledge help determine the rates used for an approximate estimate.

A brief report accompanies the approximate estimate. This report states the following:

a. The sources of the proposal

b. Necessity or demand

c. Provisions or accommodations made

d. Viability

e. Basis of the estimate

f. Rates

g. How the expenditure involved can be met

A line plan, site, or layout plan for an approximate estimate attends the report.





  2. Importance of Approximate Estimate  

An approximate estimate gives an essential or starting point estimate for any project. It is essential to keep a precise estimate though approximate.

An approximate estimate helps the project takers decide whether to take up the project.

If the approximate estimate is too high, the project manager will leave the project without preparing a detailed estimate.

Work with detailed surveys, soil investigations, designs, and project drawings, beginning only when the approximate estimate is very low.

And when it is discovered that the detailed estimate is much greater than the approximate estimate, then the project may be nullified. This would outcome in losing the whole labor, time, and expenses.

In conclusion, government or public bodies or even private owners must understand the approximate estimate of the planned project for approval to undertake the project.


Importance of Approximate Estimate





  3. Purpose of an Approximate Estimate  

An approximate estimate serves the following purposes:

a. Feasibility Investigation

An approximate project estimate gives an idea of the probable expenditure quickly. This idea of cost demonstrates the practicability or feasibility of taking up the project based on the availability of budgets.


b. To Save Time and Money

Formulating a preliminary or approximate estimate before preparing a detailed estimate for a project is a broad practice. As an outcome, we preserve time, money, and labor spent drafting detailed drawings, specifications, and estimates.


c. To Research Advantages and Comparison of Cost with Utility

The concerned administration pulls up an approximate project expenditure and compares it with the income or advantages of expenditure.

There may not be a shortage of budgets, but this allows the concerned administration to understand whether the investment is ideal.

A sanction to formulate the detailed estimate is provided when the preliminary estimate indicates investment recoveries more than the investment.


d. To Make Planning Adjustments

For unavoidable projects, authorities work out approximate estimates for several alternatives for the original work after adjustment of a sketch of the intention along with sketch reports for study.

These approximate comparative estimates help the concerned authority to decide to select the sketch for the preparation of its detailed estimate.


e. To Get Administrative Approval

An approximate estimate with a short report and layout plan has to be presented to get administrative approval for government or public body tasks.

After obtaining the administrative support, a detailed investigation and estimate are performed.


f. For Insurance and Tax Schedule

The approximate estimate assists in drawing up the importance of a property or project for insurance and tax schedules.

This was for the Approximate Estimate Required For.




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