Land Surveying

Land Surveying is an important branch of surveying used extensively throughout the world. Land surveying may be defined as the technique or science of determining the relative terrestrial position of … Read More

Chain Surveying

Surveying is an important branch of civil engineering and is the first step of any type of construction. An important type of such surveying is chain surveying. Chain surveying is … Read More

Concrete Repair Chemicals

Repair of the structure is necessary either to stop deterioration or to control the acceleration of degradation. The damage of a structure may be of various categories in terms of … Read More

Integral Bridges

In very simple terms, integral bridges may be defined as the bridges without any joints. Precisely, an integral bridge is the type of bridge that does not have any joint … Read More

Plane Table Surveying

Plane table surveying may be defined as the branch of surveying in which both the field observations and plotting can be done simultaneously. It is commonly referred to as the … Read More

Buildings can become a global CO2 sink

A material revolution replacing cement and steel in urban construction by wood can have double benefits for climate stabilization. First, it can avoid greenhouse gas emissions from cement and steel … Read More

Seasoning of Timber

Timber is an important construction material used widely for various engineering purposes. A sound and durable timber is a must for ensuring the structural stability and performance of the structure … Read More

Tacheometric Surveying

Tacheometric Surveying may be generally defined as the branch of angular surveying in which the horizontal and vertical distances of points are determined through optical means. This type of surveying … Read More

Rainwater Harvesting

Conservation of water that we get from rain has become a necessity both in our village and town. The process of collection of water from the rain is called rainwater … Read More