Construction Site Safety

Construction industry is an emerging industry that has a significant contribution to both the economic and social development of a country. Construction works are generally risky and pose a significant … Read More

Construction Scheduling

Scheduling is an essential phase of any construction project and is inevitable for the successful completion of the project within the planned time and budget. Generally, scheduling can be defined … Read More

Profometer Test

Non-destructive tests on concrete can be understood as the type of test on concrete structures that are employed to measure the strength of the concrete without actually destroying the structure. … Read More

Construction Planning

Construction Planning is the initial phase of any construction project and is vital for the progress as well as for the successful completion of the project. In simple terms, planning … Read More

Consolidation Test on Soil

In simple terms, consolidation of soil can be defined as the mechanical process under which change in the volume of soil occurs in response to the variations in pressure. The … Read More

Tension Test on Steel Rod

Tension test on steel rod is the type of test that is used to assess the properties of mild steel, tore steel and high tensile steel under tension. The primary … Read More

4R Principle

4R Principle is the widely used principle in solid waste management 4R principle (four basic mantras) i.e. reduce, recycle, reuse & recover. In the modern world, we depend much on … Read More

Triaxial Shear Test

Triaxial Shear Test can be defined as the test that is conducted to assess the mechanical properties of soil. These mechanical properties include shear resistance, cohesion and dilatancy stress. The … Read More

Setting Time of Cement

Generally, the setting time of cement can be divided into initial setting time and the final setting time. In very simple terms, the initial setting time may be understood as … Read More

Vane Shear Test

Vane shear test on the soil is used to determine the shear strength ( particularly un-drained shear strength) of the soil. This test on soil can be carried out both … Read More

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