Turkey Earthquake

Turkey Earthquake


At least 19 people lost their lives and more than 600 peoples were injured, but the number could rise. According to Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), About  400, rescue teams were hired and minimum 60 aftershocks were recorded.  

Earthquake is very common in Turkey and about 17000  people lost their lives on the 1999 Earthquake.

turkey earthquake


Officials have sent beds, tents and blankets to the area, where overnight temperatures regularly fall below zero.

The detail of the earthquake is:

a. Earthquake Magnitude: 6.7

b. Earthquake Depth: 10.0 km ± 1.9

c. Origin Time : 2020-01-24  17:55:14.126 UTC

d. Location: Eastern Turkey (  38.330°N  39.084°E )near the town of Sivrice, in eastern Elazig province

e. Death Toll: 19

f. Missing Number of Peoples: 30 (in the Elazig city)

g. Earthquake Lasted: 40 Seconds

h. Countries where the earthquake was felt:  Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon

i. Local Time:  20:55 local time (17:55 GMT)


For more detail about it: Click here


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