Submission of Bid for Transport Devolution by South East Leaders

Submission of Bid for Transport Devolution by South East Leaders



23rd July 2020

Transport for the South East (TFSE) including regional local authorities, councils, transport operators and business leaders has submitted a developed bid to the government of South East of England.

The purpose of bid submission by TFSE is to boost up economic recovery and to accelerate the green transport revolution of 30 years sustainable transport strategy that has been affected by COVID-19.

TFSE would become a statutory sub-national transport body so that it can have power with direct government decision-making on transport to execute major improvements to the South East’s transport network.

With the partnerships of South East local authorities, the bid is representing more than 7.5 M people and 300,000 businesses with the support of Confederation of British Industry and passenger groups.


Cllr Keith Glazier, chief of TFSE gave a statement:

” The South East is a true powerhouse for the UK economy, contributing more than any other region outside London. It’s the country’s principal international gateway for the people and goods and drives Productivity and prosperity across the UK.

Our transport strategy sets out how investment in a more sustainable transport network will help our economy recover and grow, delivering a green transport revolution that will create jobs, boost the quality of life and help cut carbon emissions to net-zero.

Transport for the South East has quickly emerged as a powerful and effective partnership for our region, but delivering on our ambitions will require more than just partnership working. That’s why we want to formalise our role as the South East’s voice for strategic transport by becoming a statutory body.

We can work with the government to decide how and where the money is spent on our region’s transport network and give us the powers that we need to accelerate schemes and projects which are better for people, better for business and better for the planet.”


TFSE was established in 2017 uniting with 16 local transport authorities, 5 local economic partnerships and transport networks to prioritize the region’s transport investment.


Moto of TFSE

a. To design and implement a strategic investment plan for the region.

b. To unite with Secretary of state of Transport to speak for the approval of the investment.

c. To connect towns and cities with ports and airports for less emission of greenhouse gases.


And strategy made by TFSE was approved which will use authority to improve North-South and East-West travel in the South East with determined packages of investment. TFSE will publish their plans in 2022.



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