Steel Rod Weight Calculator

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1. Steel Rod Weight Calculator Formula

Rebar, also known as rod or steel bar, is frequently employed in concrete structures as a type of reinforcing bar.

It serves as a tension bar in reinforced concrete structures like columns, beams, and slabs for house construction and in reinforced masonry structures.

The fundamental objective of rebar is to augment the tensile strength of concrete structures.

The ribbed surface of a steel bar is intentionally designed to increase its adhesion with concrete and decrease the likelihood of slipping.

Carbon steel bars are typically hot rolled into round shapes and used as rebars.

To prevent corrosion, especially in saltwater environments, these rebars are coated with epoxy resin annually.


For a rectangular bar, the weight of steel can be calculated using the formula given below:

Weight = L x Bx H x  Density

Density of bar= 7850 kg/m3


Steel rod weight calculation can be done by using the following:

Weight= ( D2/162 ) * L



L = Length of Rebar

D= Diameter of Rebar


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