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Steel Rod Weight Calculator

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  1. Steel Rod Weight Calculator  

Rebar also known as rod or steel bar is a short form of reinforcing bar, it is steel wire given as tension bar in concrete structures, utilized in reinforced concrete structures such as columns, beams, and slabs of house construction, and is also utilized in a reinforced masonry structure. It is utilized to raise the tensile strength of concrete structures.

Steel bars surface is twisted with ribs to provide a better bonding with concrete material and decrease the risk of slippage. The mostly used rebar is carbon steel of hot rolled round bar, the Steel rebar is coated with epoxy resin material, made to withstand the effect of corrosion majorly in a saltwater environment.


For a rectangular bar, the weight of steel can be calculated using below formula:

Weight = L x Bx H x  Density

Density of bar= 7850 kg/m3


Steel rod weight calculation can be done by using below formula:

Weight= D2L/162



L = Length of Rebar

D= Diameter of Rebar





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