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Steel Price Per Kg List Today in India 2022 | Steel Rate Today



In this article, we will discuss the steel price per kg list today in India. The price is in Indian Rupees.

✔ The price of steel given below is the average price in different states of India. 


  Summary: Steel Rate Today  

Brands 8 mm

(Fe 500)

10 mm

(Fe 500)

12 mm

(Fe 500)

16 mm

(Fe 500)

20 mm

(Fe 500)

25 mm

(Fe 500)

TATA Tiscon
 518/Piece 630/piece 1322/piece 2268/piece 2484/piece
JSW Steel 44/kg  35000/ton  62000/ton 66/kg 62000/ton 62000/ton
Kamdhenu 62/kg 43000/ton 68000/metric ton 76/kg 58100/ton  62/kg
Sail 57500/metric 85550/tonne 86.90/kg 86.90/kg 54000/metric ton 66000/metric ton
Vizag 57675/ton 56675/ton 56175/ton 57675/ton 56675/ton  71500/ton
Prime gold  39,000/ Metric Ton 60/kg  51500/ton 71000/ton  39,000/ Metric Ton 39000/metric ton
A1 Gold 67/ Kg 42.5/Kg 69000/ton 67/ Kg 63/kg 44500/metric ton
Ultra TMT 71000/ton 75000/tonne 57575/tonne 96300/tonne 55,665/ Tonne 96300/tonne
Meenakshi 62500/kg 63.50/kg 70000/tonne 67/kg 70/kg 93300/ton
Tirupati TMT 350/kg 57200/metric ton 53, 500 / MT 54, 500 / MT 92400/ton 47/kilogram
Birla TMT 70/kg 568/piece 54500/metric 1451/piece 2268/piece 93800.00/kg


This was our latest updated steel price per Kg today in India. To know the latest price of cement, Read.



Steel is the main component required for the construction of buildings, bridges, and other types of structures.

✔ Steel bar is used to provide tensile strength as concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension force.

✔ Steel is the backbone of any structure and is more expensive than other materials. The price of steel varies regularly.

The rate of steel these days has increased rapidly because of the followings: 

a. Effect of Covid Pandemic

b. Effect of Russia – Ukraine War

c. Due to tax rates. (Rate of GST for steel is 18%)


Size of Steel Used in Construction


✔ TMT bars are commonly graded as Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 600, etc where Fe means Iron and the numbers show the class of stress that must be given to deform it.

For Example Fe 500 starts to deform when a pressure of more than 500 N/mm2 is applied.



  1. Application of Steel According to TMT Grade  

The application of steel is based on its TMT grade.


a. Fe 415 (Resist Pressure up to 415 N/mm2)

✔ It is used for reinforcing residential buildings and small-scale structures.

✔ They have high consistent lengthening and can make building earthquake resistance.

Fe 415 starts to deform when a pressure of more than 415 N/mm2 is applied.


b. Fe 500 (Resist Pressure up to 500 N/mm2)

✔ It can be highly satisfactory for all types of construction goals. So, we will be more focused on the price of Fe 500 having diameters from 8 mm to 25mm.

Fe 500 starts to deform when a pressure of more than 500 N/mm2 is applied.

Fe 500 steel


c. Fe 550 (Resist Pressure up to 550 N/mm2)

✔ It is used for scaffolds, structures, and mechanical undertakings that need high burden-bearing limits.

Fe 550 starts to deform when a pressure of more than 550 N/mm2 is applied.


c. Fe 600 (Resist Pressure up to 500 N/mm2)

✔ It is used to construct expressways, metro projects, towers, business properties, and industrial zones. It is majorly used in big projects.

Fe 600 starts to deform when a pressure of more than 600 N/mm2 is applied.



  2. Steel Price Per Kg Today in India  

The following are Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) Fe 500 Steel Prices,


Brands 8 mm

(Fe 500)

10 mm

(Fe 500)

12 mm

(Fe 500)

16 mm

(Fe 500)

20 mm

(Fe 500)

25 mm

(Fe 500)

TATA Tiscon 87/kg  566/Piece 630/piece 1754/piece 1594/piece 2741/piece
JSW Steel  61/kg  78250/ton  77500/ton  77500/ton 77500/ton 77500/ton
Kamdhenu 75/kg 43000/ton 58000/metric ton 60/kg 58100/ton  62/kg
Sail 52000/ton 59/kg 89000/metric ton 74000/ton 54000/metric ton 68500/metric ton
Vizag 60500/ton 71500/ton  59000/ton 60000/ton 59500/ton  71500/ton
Prime gold 67,000/ Metric Ton 60/kg  51500/ton 96800/tonne 64000/ton 87/kg
A1 Gold 78,000/ Ton 42.5/Kg 65,000/ Ton 78,000/ Ton  78,000/ Ton  78,000/ Ton
Ultra TMT 63000/ton 64540/tonne 57575/ton 97,800/ Tonne 55665/tonne 88300/tonne
Meenakshi 82/kg 69/kg 40/kg 97300/kg 68,000/metric ton 51260/kg
Tirupati TMT 32000/ton 56500/ton 56000/metric ton 92400/tonne 92400/tonne  92400/tonne
Birla TMT 60.80/ Kg 568/piece 57,500/ Tonne 1451/piece 93800/tonne  7480000/kg



  3. List of Best Steel Brands In India  

Some of the best steel brands for construction in India are listed as follows:

a. Tata Steel

b. JSW Steel Ltd.

c. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) Essar Steel Ltd.

d. Shyam Steel Industries Ltd.

e. Jindal Steel and Power Ltd.

f. VISA Steel SRMB Steel

g. Electosteel

h. Mesco Steel

i. Kamdhenu Steel



  4. Weight of Different Diameter Steel Bars  

The table represents the unit weight of steel bars,

Dia of Steel Bar Length Unit Weight
8 mm 1 m 0.395 kg/m
10 mm 1 m 0.610 kg/m
12 mm 1 m 0.89 kg/m
16 mm 1 m 1.58 kg/m
20 mm 1 m 2.46 kg/m
25 mm 1 m 3.87 kg/m
32 mm 1 m 6.32 kg/m
40 mm 1 m 9.87 kg/m



  5. Factors Affecting Prices of Steel  

Many factors can vary the Steel Price Per Kg. Here are the main factors due to which prices of steel is increased:


a. Pandemic

During the Corona pandemic, the price of steel increased by half that of the regular price.


b. Blockade

During the blockade, the price of steel increased. Sometimes, the raw materials are insufficient due to land blockade or sea blockades which affects the price of steel.


c. Due to unbalance ratio of Demand and Supply.

When the demand and supply ratio is unbalanced, it directly affects the steel price. The steel price increases when the demand is high and vice versa.


d. Cost of Raw Material and Availability

When there is an increase in the rate of raw materials or lack of raw materials; it directly hampers the price of steel.


e. Transportation and Distribution Costs

In the area where it is difficult to transport the steel bars, the price of steel is taken more.



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