Steel Price Per Kg in India : Today ( 2024 )

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This article will discuss today’s steel price per kg in India. The price is in Indian Rupees.

The price of Steel given below is the average price in different states of India, and the rate may vary from state to state. So, we request to go and inquiry to nearer suppliers.



1. Steel Price Per Kg Today in India


a. Steel Price Per Kg For Fe 500 Grade

Fe 500 grade is the widely used grade of steel in India. So, we have provided the most focus on Fe500 grade concrete while preparing this article.


Steel Price Per Kg Without GST: Fe 500

Steel Brand8mm10mm12mm16mm20mm25mm
Tata Tiscon₹67.22₹65.26₹64.29₹64.27₹64.29₹64.14
JSW Steel₹67.41₹65.46₹64.18₹64.37₹64.35₹64.14
Jindal Panther₹67.22₹65.26₹64.25₹64.23₹64.29₹64.14
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)₹66.86₹65.49₹64.42₹64.41₹64.46₹64.39
Shyam Steel₹67.04₹65.03₹64.10₹64.05₹64.12₹63.95
Vizag Steel₹55.91₹55.87₹54.62₹54.64₹54.63₹64.63
SRMB Steel₹66.51₹64.81₹63.94₹64.09₹64.18₹64.06
Essar TMT₹72.21₹72.21₹71.78₹71.78₹71.78₹71.78
Radha TMT₹65.8₹65.49₹64.42₹64.76₹64.75₹64.75
Birla TMT₹65.08₹63.43₹62.67₹62.44₹62.6₹62.43
SEL Tiger TMT₹65.8₹64.58₹63.86₹63.69₹63.81₹63.68
Ultra TMT₹73.48₹73.25₹72.29₹72.05₹72.90₹71.11
Prime Gold₹72.41₹70.74₹69.75₹69.77₹69.81₹69.63


Steel Price Per Kg With GST: Fe 500

Steel Brand8mm10mm12mm16 mm20 mm25 mm
Tata Tiscon₹79.32₹77.01₹75.83₹75.84₹75.86₹75.68
ISW Steel₹79.54₹77.28₹75.73₹75.92₹75.93₹75.68
Jindal Panther₹79.32₹77.01₹75.83₹75.79₹75.85₹75.68
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)₹78.90₹77.28₹76.01₹76.00₹75.06₹75.98
Shyam Steel₹79.11₹76.74₹75.64₹75.58₹75.65₹75.46
Vizag Steel₹65.97₹65.93₹64.45₹64.48₹64.46₹54.46
SRMB Steel₹78.48₹76.47₹75.45₹75.63₹75.73₹75.59
Essar TMT₹85.20₹85.20₹84.70₹84.70₹84.70₹84.70
Radha TMT₹77.64₹77.28₹76.01₹76.42₹76.40₹76.41
Birla TMT₹76.79₹74.85₹73.95₹73.68₹73.87₹73.67
SEL Tiger TMT₹77.64₹76.20₹75.36₹75.16₹75.29₹75.14
Ultra TMT₹86.71₹86.43₹85.30₹85.02₹84.84₹83.90
Prime Gold₹85.44₹83.47₹82.20₹82.33₹82.38₹82.16


Steel Price Per Ton ( Excluding GST ): Fe 500

Steel Brand8mm10mm12mm16mm20mm25mm
Tata Tiscon₹67,220₹65,260₹64,260₹64,270₹64,290₹64,140
JSW Steel₹67,410₹65,490₹64,180₹64,320₹64,350₹64,140
Jindal Panther₹67,220₹65,260₹64,260₹64,230₹64,290₹64,140
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)₹66,860₹65,490₹54,420₹64,460₹64,460₹64,390
Shyam Steel₹67,040₹65,030₹64,100₹64,050₹64,120₹63,950
Vizag Steel₹55,910₹55,870₹54,620₹54,640₹54,630₹54,630
SRMB Steel₹66,510₹64,810₹63,940₹64,090₹64,180₹64,060
Essar TMT₹72,210₹72,210₹71,780₹71,780₹71,780₹71,780
Radha TMT₹65,800₹65,490₹64,420₹64,760₹64,750₹64,750
Birla TMT₹65,080₹63,460₹62,670₹62,440₹62,600₹62,430
SEL Tiger TMT₹65,800₹64,580₹53,860₹63,690₹63,810₹63,680
Ultra TMT₹73,480₹73,250₹72,290₹72,050₹71,900₹71,110
Prime Gold₹72,410₹70,740₹69,750₹69,770₹69,810₹69,630


Steel Price Per Piece Without GST: Fe 500

Steel Brand8mm10mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25 mm
Tata Tiscon₹376₹572₹808₹1438₹2247₹3503
JSW Steel₹377₹574₹807₹1439₹2249₹3503
Jindal Panther₹376₹574₹2810₹1441₹22253₹3503
Kamdhenu (PAS 10000)₹374₹598₹844₹1503₹2349₹3517
Shyam Steel₹2375₹2570₹582₹1036₹1618₹42529
Vizag Steel₹353₹544₹780₹1388₹2167₹3387
SRMB Steel₹372₹568₹804₹1434₹2243₹3499
Essar TMT₹2404₹2633₹1903₹1606₹2509
Radha TMT₹368₹574₹810₹1449₹2263₹3537
Birla TMT₹2364₹2566₹1397₹2188₹3410
SEL Tiger TMT₹368₹566₹803₹1425₹2230₹3478
Ultra TMT₹411₹642₹909₹1612₹2513₹3884
Prime Gold₹405₹2620₹1561₹2440₹3803



b. Steel Price Per Kg For Fe 415 Grade

Brands8 mm10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25 mmLatest Rate
TATA Tiscon69.9168.5568.5368.7469.9169.4969.91
JSW Steel72.2772.1670.1970.1972.1972.1972.27
Prime Gold57.6055.5660.7560.7560.7560.7560.75
A1 Gold57.6857.5857.6857.6857.6857.6857.68
Ultra TMT64.5464.5463.2463.2463.2464.5464.54
Tirupati TMT58.9558.9558.0058.0058.0058.9558.95
Birla TMT70.8069.8069.8070.8070.8070.8070.80



c. Steel Price Per Kg For Fe 250 Grade

Brands8 mm10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25 mm
TATA Tiscon69.4966.5566.5367.7470.9169.49
JSW Steel66.1965.1665.1966.1966.1966.19
Prime Gold58.7556.5656.7558.7558.7558.75
A1 Gold59.6858.5858.6859.6859.6859.68
Ultra TMT62.5462.5461.2462.2462.2462.54
Tirupati TMT59.9559.9559.0059.0059.0059.95
Birla TMT63.8062.8062.8063.8063.8063.80


d. Price Of Different Steel Products

Steel ProductsCost of Steel per KgCost of Steel per tonneCost of Steel per pound
Steel Rebar47.54750021.5
Wire Rod46.34630021.0
Sections and beams45.84580020.8
Merchant bar48.24820021.9
Hot rolled coil63.56350028.8
Hot rolled plate656500029.5
Cold rolled coil757500034.0
Hot dipped Galvanised coil858500038.6

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2. Importance of Steel

Steel is the main component in constructing buildings, bridges, and other structures.

✔ Steel bar provides tensile strength to concrete as concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension force.

✔ Steel is the backbone of any structure and is more expensive than other materials. The price of Steel varies regularly.

Steel Price

✔ TMT bars are commonly graded as Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 600, etc., where Fe means Iron and the numbers show the class of stress that must be given to deform it.

For Example, Fe 500 starts to deform when a pressure of more than 500 N/mm2 is applied.



3. Application of Steel According to TMT Grade  

The application of Steel is based on its TMT grade.


a. Fe 415 (Resist Pressure up to 415 N/mm2)

✔ It is used for reinforcing residential buildings and small-scale structures.

✔ They have high consistent lengthening and can make building earthquake-resistant.

Fe 415 starts to deform when a pressure of more than 415 N/mm2 is applied.


b. Fe 500 (Resist Pressure up to 500 N/mm2)

✔ It can be highly satisfactory for all types of construction goals. So, we will focus more on the price of Fe 500, which has diameters from 8 mm to 25mm.

Fe 500 starts to deform when more than 500 N/mm2 is applied.


c. Fe 550 (Resist Pressure up to 550 N/mm2)

✔ It is used for scaffolds, structures, and mechanical undertakings requiring high burden-bearing limits.

Fe 550 starts to deform when a pressure of more than 550 N/mm2 is applied.


c. Fe 600 (Resist Pressure up to 500 N/mm2)

✔ It is used to construct expressways, metro projects, towers, business properties, and industrial zones. It is majorly used in big projects.

Fe 600 starts to deform when more than 600 N/mm2 is applied.



4. Weight of Different Diameter Steel Bars  

The table represents the unit weight of steel bars,

Dia of Steel BarLengthUnit Weight
8 mm1 m0.395 kg/m
10 mm1 m0.610 kg/m
12 mm1 m0.89 kg/m
16 mm1 m1.58 kg/m
20 mm1 m2.46 kg/m
25 mm1 m3.87 kg/m
32 mm1 m6.32 kg/m
40 mm1 m9.87 kg/m



5. Tata Tiscon Price in India

Tata Tiscon
TMT Bar Size
Min Price
(Per Piece)
Max Price
(Per Piece)
6 mmRs. 216Rs. 242
8 mmRs. 366Rs. 412
10 mmRs. 557Rs. 629
12 mmRs. 786Rs. 890
16 mmRs. 1399Rs. 1583
20 mmRs. 2187Rs. 2475
25 mmRs. 3408Rs. 3858


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Verified Article By Er. Madhu Krishna Poudel
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