South Asian Countries Approved to Start Construction of Large Projects

South Asian Countries Approved to Start Construction of Large Projects


As we know, South Asia is becoming the new centre of Corona Virus Epidemic. It is spreading largely day by day. Almost all countries in South Asia are affected by Corona Virus as well as Lockdown. So, the economic growth rate of countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka and Afghanistan is decreasing day by day. To make economy stable; Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Nepali government have decided to start the construction of large projects.

To start the construction; contractors should fulfil the following needs in these countries.

a.  Only checked and corona free workers can take part in work.

b. There should be the provision of Ambulance at the site or near the site.

c. All workers should be bounded under a specified border or area to prevent contact with the outer person.

Construction of private properties and buildings are not allowed. Only large projects under the approval and supervision of government are allowed.

Construction has already started in Nepal and India. World Bank had predicted that the economic growth rate of South Asian countries may slow down but will not depreciate( not less than 0%).

Taking the advantage of Lockdown; Nepal, India and Bangladesh are constructing and repairing their roadways at a drastic rate.


Corona Update South Asian Countries

Bhutan and Nepal are the least affected countries with zero deaths. Whereas, India is the worst affected country with more than 1300 deaths.



#Stay Home, Stay Safe



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