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Rules for brick laying

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Rules for brick laying:

Following are the rules for brick laying:

i) The brick to be used should be of uniform size. The length of the bricks should be twice the breadth of brick plus one mortar joints.

ii) The bricks should not absorb water more than 1/5 times or 20% of their own weight when kept inside the water for 24 hours.

iii) The amount of lap should be minimum half brick across the thickness of the wall.

iv) The use of brickbats should be minimum.

v)  Before use, the brick should be sucked in the water for at least 1 hour.

vi) The thickness of the mortar should not be more than 13 mm.

vii) The brick and mortar used in masonry should be as per the specification.  

viii) Proper bonding should be adopted.

ix) The wall should be raised truly vertical and regular checking should be done by a plumb bob.

x) All the finished masonry walls should be cured for at least one week.

xi) If the large voids appear in masonry, they should not be fed only by the mortar.

xii) Wall masonry should not be raised more than one meter a 1 day.



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