Hospital in just 10 days

Hospital in 10 Days?

Wuhan, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak, has started the construction of Hospital for victims. They aim to complete the hospital in just 10 days.

The building is being constructed with prefabricated buildings materials which makes the construction faster and cheaper. The construction of the building will be completed on February 3rd.

This hospital will have the capacity of holding 1000 patients (i.e. 1000 beds). Coronavirus is spreading all over the world. So many countries have already taken the steps to stop the virus. In spite of great precaution; this virus is spotted in other many countries like Nepal, India, etc. 

Up to January 25th; 45 lost their lives and  1300 people were found to be infected.  80 peoples were kept in surveillance in Kerala India and 7 were found to be infected and 73 to be inflectionless. 

Public places and railways station of Wuhan city is shut down completely to control this virus from spreading. The Chinese government and the WHO are working together to control this virus.



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