Hospital Construction Completed in 10 Days

Hospital Construction Completed in 10 Days

China has finished the construction of an emergency building for Wuhan Coronavirus patients. The construction of the building was started from 23rd January and was completed on 2nd February ( Sunday) and started officially from 3rd February ( Monday).

The building was constructed with prefabricated buildings materials which made the construction faster and cheaper. In this method, different modules or parts are made from prefabricated materials at the plant and joined at the site using nuts and bolts (sometimes welding).

  Huoshenshan Hospital is the name given to this newly constructed hospital.  The total area of this hospital is 25,000 sq. m and has 1,000+ beds. 1,400 military medics of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army expected to staff the hospital.

At 5th February 05:53 AM ;

Death toll: 427+ peoples

Confirmed Infected Persons: 20,471 peoples



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