Tender Preparation

Tender is a written offer presented before an owner (department) showing interest to perform the specified work within the specified time under agreed condition. The owner (or department) supplies a … Read More

Effects of Landslide

The term ‘landslide ‘ is self-defined word i.e slide of land. The sliding down of weak and unstable surface materials (soil, sand, rocks,etc.) of the earth due to various causes … Read More

Water Distribution System

The process of distributing treated water to the consumers is called water distribution system. The distribution system includes pumps, reservoirs, valves, water meter, pipe fittings, etc. The cost of the … Read More

Classification of Crops

There are many types of crops which are classified into different categories based on agricultural use, seasons, life cycle, etc.¬†   Classification of Crops   A.¬†Agricultural classification of Crops a) … Read More

Properties of Bitumen

Bitumen is a black viscous mixture of hydrocarbons obtained naturally or as a residue from petroleum distillation or purification. We will discuss the properties of bitumen in this post. Bitumen … Read More

Earthen Road

1.1: Introduction The earthen road is the cheapest type of road. The pavement structure is constructed totally from the soil available at the site. It is also called the earth … Read More

Low Cost Road

A low cost road is a road that is constructed and maintained at a low cost by utilizing the locally available materials & labours. It is also referred to as … Read More