Glass is defined as a hard, brittle, transparent material, cheaply compounded of silica combined with varying proportion of Oxide of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron of other materials.

It’s widely used as a construction material.



Constituents of Glass:

~ Silica

~ Sodium or Potassium oxide

~ Magnesium Oxide

~ Lime   

~ Sodium or Potassium carbonate



 Properties of Glass:

i) No sharp melting point.

ii) Absorbs reflects and transmits light.

iii) Transparent

iv) Extremely Brittle

v) Not affected by air and water

vi) Not easily attracted by the ordinary chemical reagent.

vii) Capable of being worked in several ways.

viii) It can take a high polish.

ix) It can be easily clean by the methylated spirit and by rubbing finely powdered chalk.    


Uses of Glass:

i) The fibre-glass reinforced plasters can be used in the construction of furniture, car, trucks, bathrooms fittings.

ii) It is used to make a rifle barrel that is lighter and stronger than the conventional type.

iii) Thousand of items in the body of the missile are made up of glass.

iv) It is used in the construction of the nose of deep-diving vehicles.

v) Glass lining is applied to equipment likely to be affected by chemical corrosion.

vi) A hollow glass block can be used for the construction of walls and ceiling of the house. 



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