effects of landslide

Effects of Landslide



The term ‘landslide ‘ is self-defined word i.e slide of land. The sliding down of weak and unstable surface materials (soil, sand, rocks,etc.) of the earth due to various causes like earthquake, heavy rain, gravity, etc is known as Landslide. There are many short terms and long term effects of the landslide. Landslide mostly occurs in sloppy land and has disastrous effects.


Some of the effects of Landslide 


1.Short-term effects of landslide

Heavy loss of property and lives:-

A landslide destroys various precious properties made by humans like cultural monuments, their houses or buildings, dams, roadways and bridges, and loss of human lives, loss of wildlife, .etc.


Change in weather;-

Landslide brings a drastic change in weather due to imbalance in the ecosystem in nature.

The drastic change in weather can arise various problems like difficulty in adaptation, various diseases, etc.


Difficulty in roadways of affected areas:-

Transportation will be difficult for some days due to the blockage of the road to go from one place to another. This may cause great economic loss and one may have to face death due to block of the way to the hospital.



Landslide leads too mainly water pollution and soil pollution.



Due to the decrease in the fertility of the soil, the productivity of foods also decreases that may lead to starvation.


2.Long-term effects of landslide


Destruction of various construction areas:-

A disastrous landslide can destruct dams, bridges, roadways, etc. which may take more time to reconstruct again.


Change in the topology of the affected area:-

Gathering of rocks may be piled up at one place brings a change in topology.


Loss of lives:-

It is heard that many people died in the landslide and some get injured. It is also a long term effect.

It damages and destroys homes which were made up of various dreams and happiness. Thus, it does not just destroy the structure form of the house, it destructs family members & their happiness. Victims of the landslide have to face poverty, starvation, health-related problems, and they become homeless, etc.



Due to landslide piles of rocks, mud, sands, disposals and other substances get collected in the water resources like streams, rivers, waterfalls,  etc. And due to this kind of blockage in such water resources, it may cause a disastrous flood which causes another additional destruction in the surrounding.

In contrast, landslide causes a great loss of infrastructure.




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