Double helix dilating diameter bridge opens in Sydney

Double helix dilating diameter bridge opens in Sydney



Australia is the second country to open the helix bridge. Many media are claiming that Australia is first to construct double helix bridge. But Singapore was the first to construct the helix bridge which was officially opened on 24 April 2010 at 9 pm.
(Note: double helix bridge is also called helix bridge these days )

Some of the details of Sydney Double Helix Bridge are given below.

Some Pictures of Sydney Double Helix Bridge

double helix bridge

constructioon of helix bridge australia

Double helix dilating diameter bridge opens in Sydney


Some Details about Sydney Helix Bridge

Location: Sydney, Australia

Estimated Construction Cost: AUS$40M (£20M)

Total Length:  178 m

Leading Designer: Andrew Johnson

The diameter of Trusses used: 5.5m to 7.8m

Construction and Testing of Frames & Components: Western Sydney ( trial assembly was carried before transporting to site.)

Crane used to lift load: 500-ton crawler crane

Load of Structural Frame: 125 ton

Software used for Analysis: Rhinoceros Software

Officially Opened Date: May 10, 2020

No ceremony of the opening was carried out due to the risk of Covid-19.

#Stay Home, Stay Safe


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