Errors in Theodolite

Theodolite may be defined as the optical survey instrument that is used to measure the angles between the specified points both in the vertical and horizontal plane. Some errors in … Read More

Errors in Levelling

Levelling is defined as the branch of surveying that is essentially used for determining the relative height of the different points on, above and below the surface of the ground. … Read More

Principles of Surveying

The first step of any construction work is surveying and thus it is an important branch of civil engineering. Surveying is the art of determining the relative position of various … Read More

Components of Bridge

A bridge is the civil engineering structure that spans horizontally between the supports primarily designed for withstanding the imposed vertical loads. The basic objective of bridge construction is to overcome … Read More

Camber in Road Pavement

Road pavement is an essential component of the transportation system that provides access and facilitate the linkages from one corner of the world to another. One of the chief components … Read More

Types of Concrete

Concrete is the composite material that is composed of a mixture of fine and coarse aggregates bonded together with biding material which hardens over time. The binding material mostly includes … Read More

Suspension Bridge

~ Suspension bridge can be defined as the type of bridge in which the load-bearing part of the bridge(deck) is hung below the suspension cables on the vertical suspenders. ~ … Read More

Girder Bridge

The bridge in which girders are used for supporting its deck is called girder bridge. Such girders can be either the rolled steel girder or the box girder. The girder … Read More

Arch Bridge

Arch Bridge is the bridge in which the horizontal thrust developed is restrained by the abutments provided at each end of the bridge. As the name itself implies, it is … Read More

Road Pattern

When the road is constructed in patterns like rectangular, radial, hexagonal, etc for the proper management of traffic and also to interconnect the branch roads then it is called road … Read More