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Approval Granted for US $1 Billion Facility to Build New Bridge in Argentina

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1. Introduction of the bridge:

Approval Granted for US $1 Billion Facility to Build New Bridge in Argentina

Project NamePuente de la Integración
LocationOver the Paraná River, between Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, and Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
LengthAbout 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles)
Bridge TypeFour-lane suspension bridge
Estimated CostUS$1 billion
Expected Date for Construction Completion2027
FundingUS government, including additional donations from Argentina and Brazi



2. Approval Granted for US $1 Billion Facility to Build New Bridge in Argentina

Approval Granted for US $1 Billion Facility to Build New Bridge in Argentina

The new bridge will comprise four lanes with a 772m cable-stayed span and 5.6km viaducts.

The IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) has authorized a US $1bn credit package for a new bridge over the Paraná River in Argentina.

As per the report, the board has approved a $700mn credit line and a $345mn first loan to construct a bridge between Chaco and Corrientes, including access roads.

Approximately 870,000 people will benefit from the new bridge project. An estimated 88,000 operate the bridge daily. The project contains a 772m cable-stayed span, 5.6km viaducts, and a 28km associated route.

The $345mn loan will fund this initial phase, covering construction, project supervision, and socio-environmental mitigation costs. The loan has a 25-year reimbursement duration and a 5.5-year elegance span. (( (( ))



3. What is the reason for the US $1 Billion Facility to Build a New Bridge in Argentina?

There are so many causes or reasons why the US has dedicated to funding a $1 billion facility to produce a new bridge in Argentina. The reasons are given in the following ways:

Approval Granted for US $1 Billion Facility to Build New Bridge in Argentina

Amplify economic links: The new bridge will boost trade and economic growth between the two countries and make it easier to transfer goods and services quickly and more efficiently.


Upgrade regional integration: The presented bridge will be required to develop a more influential corridor adjoining Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. This enterprising project aspires to encourage trade and stimulate travel between the three countries, ultimately leading to greater economic integration of the region.


To support Argentina’s economic recovery: The construction of a new bridge in Argentina is poised to boost the country’s struggling economy significantly. This project will create multiple job possibilities and produce billions of dollars in economic movement. It instills conviction and positiveness in the nation’s destiny.


To Enhance border security: It’s great to hear about the new bridge and the modern security measures that will be implemented to prevent the smuggling of illegal goods. This will enrich the high border security between Argentina and the US. It can provide a more secure environment for everyone affected.


Demonstrating the US loyalty to Argentina: The US is a long-standing partner of Argentina, and the new bridge’s funding shows its ongoing commitment.



4. Technical Details of the Main Bridge Structure:

Main TowersTwo main towers, each approximately 250m (820 feet) tall
PylonsTwo towers, each about 100m (328 feet) tall
Suspension CablesSuspension cables, each about 2km (1.2 miles) long
Road DeckRoad deck, about 2.5km (1.5 miles) long and 30m (98 feet) wide



5. What are the benefits?

Approval Granted for US $1 Billion Facility to Build New Bridge in Argentina

I. Economic Benefits

Business Facilitation: The new bridge can quickly lower transport expenses with travel time between Argentina and Brazil, two major economies in South America. This will boost trade between the two nations and expand economic movement and development.


Supply Chain regulation: The bridge will sweeten the regional supply chains. It will diminish transportation costs and enhance enterprise competitiveness in Argentina and Brazil.


Regional consolidation: The bridge will join or unite Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, enabling economic collaboration, association, and development.



II. Infrastructure Progress and Job modeling

Construction Jobs: The bridge can generate thousands of jobs in Argentina and heighten the local economy.


Skills Development: The project will sweeten skills expansion in various construction sectors and upgrade employability in Argentina.


Infrastructure Upgrade: A new bridge will sweeten transportation infrastructure and substitute an old one. This enhances connectivity, safety, and efficiency for passengers and payload.



6. Ancillary Facilities enclosed in the construction method:

Toll Plazas

Customs and Immigration facilities

Rest Areas

Maintenance facilities



7. Construction process:

Construction PhaseMethods Used
Foundation ConstructionPile driving, Cofferdam construction
Tower and Pylon ConstructionIn-situ concrete casting, Steel Erection
Suspension Cable InstallationStrand-by-strand method
Road Deck ConstructionPrecast concrete segments, Steel Erection

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