Advertise with us:

You don’t need to write any content. Just choose the post and keyword to put the backlink and pay us. Pay only 20 $ per backlink ( backlink will be valid for 3 months, if needed for more, contact us at the email given below ). 


  Conditions for Backlink  

a. Your site should have a spam score of less than 10 ( By MOZ ).

b. Your site should be related to the civil engineering, architecture, and construction field.

You can also pay us after we provide you with the backlink. 

Note: Blacklisted keywords will not be accepted.


Contact: [email protected] ( Er. Madhu Krishna Poudel)



  For Banner Ads  

If you are willing to advertise with banner ads then we will provide you banner ads for 30 days at a rate between 50 $ to 200$. Based on the location of ads; the banner rate may vary.

We support banners at the head, sidebar, and between contents.

Contact: [email protected] ( Er. Madhu Krishna Poudel)