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30×50 House Plan in Feet With Sample Image

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In this article, we will discuss a 30×50 house plan.


  30×50 House Plan  

To construct a house, first, the map of the house is constructed and most of us make this mistake. We do that without a map, we design rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms without any thought.

To construct a map we also go to an architect and tell him that our. There are so numerous yards of land, set up with three rooms, four rooms, and a kitchen set with one or two bathrooms. Make the staircase anywhere inner or outer and complete a good design of its front look, then that map.


30 x 50 House plan



= Hall – 12’x21′

= Master Bedroom- 10’x10′

= Balcony12’x6′

= Toilet- 5’x6′

= Kitchen- 10’x8′


30x50 House Plan in Feet With Sample Image


= Hall – 22’8″x13’8″

= Parking- 12’4″x16’0″

= Toilet- 4’x7′

= Bedroom- 12’4″x10’4″

= Kitchen- 14’x8′

30x50 House Plan in Feet With Sample Image



= Bed Room- 12’4″ X 10′ 3″

= Bed Room- 12’10” X 12′ 0″

= Master Bedroom- 9’7″ X 17’9″

= Store Room- 4’6″ X 4’7.5″

= Kitchen- 7’10.5″X 10’3″

= Living Room- 20’3″ X 10’6″



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